The River & The Thread album map

We were glad to see Ann Powers' description of The River & the Thread for NPR: "you can also approach the album as an interactive map, the kind that lights up when you touch it, revealing hidden details along the stopping points on a regional pilgrimage." So we created this journey mapping the inspirations for the album.
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“I’m going down to Florence, gonna wear a pretty dress / I’ll sit atop the magic wall with the voices in my head” – A Feather’s Not A Bird

Florence, AL - Alabama

“Then we’ll drive on through to Memphis / Past the strongest shoals” – A Feather’s Not A Bird

Memphis, TN - Tennessee

“Then on to Arkansas just to touch the gumbo soul” – A Feather’s Not A Bird

Saved from

“The money’s all in Nashville but the light’s inside my head / So I’m going down to Florence just to learn to love the thread” – A Feather’s Not A Bird

Nashville Tennessee

“Who will hold her hand / In the sunken lands?” – The Sunken Lands

Dyess, AR - Dyess, AR

“Don’t analyze my eyes / we’re just a mile or two from Memphis / And the rhythm of our lives” – Etta’s Tune

City of Memphis

“I went to Barcelona on the midnight train / I walked the streets of Paris in the pouring rain” – Modern Blue

Barcelona - Barcelona, Cataluña

“You don’t have to know what you will say / The empty sky may never take our burdens / But something good will someday come our way / So tell heaven” – Tell Heaven

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“The bells of old St. Mary’s / Are now the clang of Charcoal Hill” – The Long Way Home

Saved from

“If Jesus came from Mississippi / If tears began to rhyme / We’ll have to start at the beginning / In this world of strange design” – World of Strange Design

Jackson, MS - Mississippi

“Mobile like a mystery town / Water, heat and moon / Steam on the magnolia trees / Never ending rooms” – Night School

West Mobile, AL

“There's love in your future / I’ll wait for you there / With 50,000 watts of common prayer” – 50,000 Watts

WDIA WHRK K-97 (old)

“And so the open letter read / The newsboy did deliver / Three months later plans were made to wed down by the King James River” – When the Master Calls the Roll

James River - Virginia

“Oh, Virginia, whence I came I’ll see you when I’m younger / And I’ll know you by your hills again this time from six feet under” – When the Master Calls the Roll

Virginia / Maryland / DC Line

“I was dreaming of the Tallahatchie Bridge / A thousand miles from where we live” – Money Road

Tallahatchie Bridge

“One lies in the Zion yard / And one sleeps on the river bar / Neither one got very far / Out on Money Road” – Money Road

Greenwood MS