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Daily Thoughts & Inspiration

Daily Thoughts & Inspiration

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Daily Thought.

Ideas, Tips, and Simple Ways to Make Life Even Easier
  • Joan Hackney
    Joan Hackney

    Love this quote.

Words of wisdom from Debbie Millman

10 Graduation Quotes That Will Seriously Inspire You

Words of wisdom from Jonathan Safran Foer

10 Graduation Quotes That Will Seriously Inspire You
  • Melanie M. Spindler
    Melanie M. Spindler

    Of all the great commencement quotes, This one is sort of an asinine one to propagate.

  • Megan Fryer
    Megan Fryer

    What? That's a really weird quote...

Words of wisdom from Dick Costolo.

10 Graduation Quotes That Will Seriously Inspire You
  • Pamela Lawson
    Pamela Lawson

    Truer words have rarely been spoken! Always taught my children as my parents taught me, "good manners will open doors, raising your level of intelligence, poise, and class in every aspect of your life!..Besides your southern for heavens sakes!!!"

  • Lucy Geis
    Lucy Geis

    Well said!

  • Carolyn Houlihan
    Carolyn Houlihan

    Sometimes no matter how hard I try to stay out of Trouble, it seems to simply find me...

  • Robin Burros
    Robin Burros

    Well, lets hope so!

  • Carolyn Houlihan
    Carolyn Houlihan

    My version of "Yell for Help if you Need It" is Prayer

  • Sharon Rose May
    Sharon Rose May

    Feelings follow thoughts

  • Carolyn Houlihan
    Carolyn Houlihan

    This was the Daily Quote delivered a few days ago. I have been traveling and am just now catching up on my "To Do" and other lists. This was perfect for me to see today because re-entry to the real worlds after a long and wonderful vacation can be daunting, so thanks, Real Simple

  • Marlas Prevo
    Marlas Prevo

    Words to live by.

"Each moment is a place you've never been."