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Delicious Desserts

Delicious Desserts

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Thanks to ripe sour cherries, this rustic pie has a lip-smacking tart taste.

Simple and classic, this fruit-filled pie is bursting with plump, ripe berries. Just fill a dough-lined pie pan with a mixture of blueberries, cornstarch, lemon juice, salt, and sugar. Then, top with a second piecrust and seal before baking. For best results, let the pie stand for at least two hours before serving.

Not only is the recipe incredibly easy (and perfect for chocolate lovers), two cakes take just two minutes to bake. You can make breakfast in bed and sleep in a little.

You don’t even need fresh berries to make this recipe work—frozen will do the trick. Whichever fruit you choose, you’ll have a spring breakfast ready in minutes.

Caramel-Almond Ice Cream Torte: This gorgeous ice cream cake looks impressive, but it only requires 3 ingredients and is incredibly easy to make.

Raspberry Sorbet With Whipped Cream and Meringues: Turn raspberry sorbet into a full-fledged dessert with freshly whipped cream and meringue crumbles.

Pineapple Flan: Pineapple juice gives traditional caramel flan a tropical spin.

Cinnamon-Poached Pears With Caramel: A rich homemade caramel sauce dresses up tender cinnamon-spiced pears.

Frozen Lemon Mousse: Fold whipped cream into the chilled lemon custard base to create a light and airy dessert.

Coconut Macaroons

  • Laura Bentz
    Laura Bentz

    LOVE this recipe!

With its bright lemon tang, this cool and creamy concoction is a dessert and palate cleanser in one.

This chocolate chip-studded pavlova is like an oversized version of the meringue cookies many families serve at Passover. While it may seem fussy, heating the oven to 300° F before lowering it to 250° F helps ensure that the pavlova develops a crunchy exterior and a delightfully chewy interior. This dish is traditionally topped with whipped cream, but when you’re trying to stay dairy-free, a heap of fresh berries and a generous drizzle of melted chocolate are a wonderful alternative.

According to the Torah, Passover must be celebrated during the spring—yet, surprisingly, seasonal spring ingredients rarely play a role in the seder menu. That’s why we love this bright, sweet-tart dessert starring one of one of our favorite spring “fruits.” Rather than a traditional crumble topping, try using a simple combination of almond flour and slivered almonds, which adds a nice crunch.

Bright, tart grapefruit juice turns this childhood staple into a grown-up treat that’s festive without being overly sweet. Best of all, it takes only a few minutes to make, which is a major advantage when you have a multi-course Passover meal to prepare.

Balloon Bunch Cupcake Toppers: This edible topper is easy to pull together (and fun to eat!). Simply tie a ribbon around a few lollipops, stick the bouquet in the middle of the cake, and dust the frosting with colorful sprinkles to transform a plainly frosted cake into a festive birthday centerpiece.

  • Annie Davidson
    Annie Davidson

    These are really cute, and I plan to try it. But in the picture, those sprinkles have not been "dusted" or sprinkled onto the cupcake. It appears that a small wafer of frosting has been thickly coated with a layer of sprinkles and then placed atop the cupcake frosting.

These pale white vanilla-scented cupcakes are a great blank canvas for bakers. For a fun addition to your Easter dessert buffet, play around with a variety of easy mix-ins, like tart lemon zest, rich hazelnut spread, tropical coconut, and playful rainbow “confetti.” Or simply top them with a cloud of fluffy marshmallow buttercream and serve as is.

These all-chocolate cake toppers couldn't be easier to make—just decorate pre-made chocolate truffles with an edible marker (like this one). Tip: Chill the chocolate balls in the refrigerator first, so they won't melt from the warmth of your hands.

Heart Cupcake Topper: To make this bold topper, bend a pipe cleaner into the shape of a heart, string on Froot Loops, then twist the ends together to secure.

This sweet treat couldn’t be any simpler: Just garnish each cupcake with a chocolate-covered confection and candy-corn “petals.”