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    Delicious Desserts

    Delicious Desserts

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    When you take your first bite of this candy-shaped creation, layers of vanilla butter cake, almond buttercream, and silky caramel await. Heaps of homemade fudge envelop the cake, and the whole thing is sprinkled with crushed-up Kit-Kats. Top the cake with candles for a Halloween glow, then use as a centerpiece before it's devoured.

    If you prefer savory to sweet, this cake’s for you—a floral blend of herbs infuses the drippy chocolate glaze. The glimmering amber praline adds a dark, eerie element, and gives the almond-flour base some texture. The glamorous presentation makes it perfect for parties—just make sure to save a slice for yourself!

    Instead of letting leftover candy sit and get stale (or gobbling it all up yourself), throw the tempting treats into a soft and chewy cookie cake. For an extra-sweet touch, pipe the edges with chocolate frosting, then garnish with Whoppers for a whimsical presentation.

    Sometimes good things come in small packages—as in the case of these irresistible, rum- and ginger-scented peach pies. Simply swap out your usual pie plate for a muffin tin, and you'll be left with adorable mini-pies that should end any arguments over who gets the biggest slice.

    Adapted from a recipe in a vintage New England community cookbook, this delicate, sweet-tart pie is a modern update on a classic form. During baking, the fruit and custard fillings separate to form three layers: spiced apricots, lemon pudding, and a delicate, spongy top. In other words: heaven.

    Warm spices and caramel-sweet brown sugar are a perfect marriage for juicy pears and tender, ripe figs in this stunning pie. A rustic fold-over crust not only looks lovely—it's also a technique that's simple enough for even non-crafty bakers to get right.

    Who says strawberries need rhubarb? Piles of plump, juicy, whole berries are the star of this simple, homespun pie. The one modern twist: a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper, which gives the fruit filling a subtle, spicy kick.

    Packed with sweet late-summer plums and inky blackberries, this gorgeous pie has an appealing tartness that's tempered with just the right amount of vanilla and sugar, plus a truly show-stopping ruby color. While any type of top crust will work here, a traditional lattice looks particularly dramatic against the dark fruit.

    Treat a regular old peanut butter and jelly sandwich like French toast—dip it in egg, fry in butter, and dust with powdered sugar—for a truly decadent weekend brunch. The star of this version? Homemade rhubarb jelly, which is made with real vanilla beans and a fresh squeeze of lemon.

    Cookies that are too crunchy can make eating ice cream sandwiches a messy affair, but (eggless) peanut butter cookie dough keeps these perfectly intact. The homemade grape jelly ice cream provides a cooling, creamy contrast to the rich slices of dough. Store leftovers in the freezer, and enjoy when cravings hit.

    A sweet and salty chocolate peanut butter ganache is the star of this decadent dessert. But the icing on the cake? A sprinkling of peanut honeycomb that lends crunch to every bite.

    The classic campfire treat, transformed. Filled with marshmallow fluff and a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then dunked in chocolate, these ice cream sandwiches are sure to please kids and adults alike.

    Although budinos are often filled with chocolate, juicy blackberries make this refreshing version more seasonally appropriate. Top with a hefty dollop of whipped cream for a cool and creamy contrast.

    Turn your favorite summer fruit into a booze-filled dessert by combining watermelon puree with liqueur, agave nectar, and salt. Chill, serve, and repeat all summer long.

    These single-serve desserts are worthy of guests, yet surprisingly simple to assemble. Every spoonful is complete with two tasty layers: vanilla panna cotta and sweet peach nectar.

    Fold homemade whipped cream into the lemon cream cheese base to ensure the resulting cheesecake is light and fluffy. The crunchy shortbread cookie crust will have you slicing seconds.

    This dairy-free (and perfectly portable) treat comes together with just five ingredients. Steep the tea bags in the popsicle base to infuse hibiscus flavor into each and every bite.

    No ice-cream maker? No problem. Give frozen mango a whir in the food processor, and then pop the mixture in the freezer until ready to serve. Sprinkle with toasted coconut flakes for added tropical flair.

    We've rounded up half a dozen unique ways to serve cantaloupe, including an unexpectedly delicious cantaloupe-berry vanilla ice cream bowl with olive oil.

    Adding lemon juice to both the batter and the glaze ensures a burst of lemon flavor in each and every bite. A cup of Greek yogurt gives it a moist and tender crumb.

    A topping of fluffy, buttery biscuits soaks up all the luscious juices from the sweet blueberries. Serve with a drizzle of heavy cream, or our personal favorite—a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

    Galettes are the free-form sister to pie, which means little technique is needed to create galette perfection. Swap in peaches for an equally tasty treat that highlights the best of juicy summer stone fruit.

    This fluffy sour cream cake boasts a beautiful layer of juicy, tender plums. To avoid serving slipups, let the cake cool before removing it from the pan, and use a large plate to assist with the flip.

    If you’ve got a group coming over, this may be your best bet—it makes 10 popsicles instead of the usual four or six. Rather than a plastic base, the popsicles call for traditional, wooden sticks.

    Enjoy the campfire favorite as an indoor treat by tossing graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows into warm and gooey blondies. The bars keep well between sheets of wax paper—though chances are you won’t have many left over.