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Our favorite snack ideas, low-calorie meals, and healthy eating strategies.

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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

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The almonds provide a combination of healthy fat, fiber, protein and nutrition. Bonus healthy ingredients in this recipe include the cacao powder that provides antioxidants and the whey powder that packs protein to help keep your energy constant throughout the day.

Just one kiwi packs more than 100 percent of your daily-recommended value of vitamin C, a crucial antioxidant that helps with collagen formation. Added bonus for this smoothie: mint has high antioxidant content.

Pitaya dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that’s rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and can be paired with any combination of fruit. Its bright purple color will brighten up any smoothie, too!

Carrots make a great smoothie ingredient—they are a wonderful source of fiber and vitamin A. Vitamin A is important not only for healthy skin and eyes, but also for the immune system. They’re a good smoothie add-in for someone who doesn’t like their drink too sweet.

Ginger adds a nice “zing” to your smoothie, while also calming the stomach. Ginger may also help to decrease inflammation and soreness after resistance exercise. One study showed that consuming 2 grams of fresh ginger or ginger spice daily for 11 days before a bout of eccentric exercise reduced muscle pain over the 24-hour period following the exercise session. And other research has linked ginger to reduced osteoarthritis pain.

Wild blueberries have more fiber and antioxidants than their cultivated cousins, and they’re an excellent source of manganese, a mineral that’s important for bone health. Wild blueberries are also rich in anthocyanin, which contributes to their nutritional profile and adds to their dark blue color. And although they are tiny, wild blueberries deliver big in the taste department; they actually have a more intense blueberry flavor than the larger, regular blueberries.

Cherries contain vitamin C, as well as the nutrients anthocyanins, a compound that has been linked with fighting inflammation. That means sipping a cherry smoothie after a workout may help your body heal.

Zucchini "Fries" hit all the salty, crispy, savory notes you crave and since they're baked instead of deep fried, they're infinitely more healthy for you.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe because you love pizza but hate carbs. This alternative is great and just as tasty. If you're looking to lose the gluten, try this recipe.

Kale Quiche with a Cheddar-Rice Crust. It's gluten-free so a healthy alternative, only takes an hour to make which means it's the perfect recipe for breakfast or dinner or brunch.

Why we're hooked on this natural energy booster.

The healthy way to eat dessert for breakfast. Try this Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie tomorrow.

Is sugar your go-to? Here's how to beat your sugar addiction and kick the habit for good.

A tangy buttermilk dressing mixed with a variety of fresh herbs complements earthy beets and fennel in this fresh market salad. Cutting the beets into wedges before roasting cuts down the oven time to just 20 minutes.

Made with fresh ginger, lemon juice and a drizzle of honey, the creamy tahini dressing steals the show in this salad. Grated red beets add a gorgeous pop of color.

Forget the barbecue grill and use the crock-pot instead to make these pulled-pork sandwiches.

Make your summer dinners a little fancier with this mushroom risotto with peas

Greek-style frittata's make for a filling breakfast

Springtime minestrone soup makes the most of your best farmers'-market produce

Try making this Chickpea stew with tomatoes and apricots in a crock-pot

A deliciously filling side dish. Our spicy roasted brussels sprouts make the perfect companion.

Salted Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie. A perfect meal alternative if you've just worked out or the best breakfast if you're looking to get up and go in a hurry. Try it tomorrow.

Tired of the same old salad dressings? Try one of these delicious, easy mix-ins.

Roasted edamame's the healthy snack you didn't know you were looking for. Skip the chips and try this easy recipe instead. It only takes 20 minutes.

8 Dinner-Worthy Salads Without Lettuce. We love salads, here are 8 ways to keep them interesting. Easy lunches and dinners ahead, try one tonight.