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    These are the apartments that interior designers use as inspiration

    20 Dreamy Apartments NYC Designers Are Obsessed With

    If your living room is surrounded in neutrals, this vintage-inspired chair will add an eye-catching detail. The dark background color makes it sophisticated enough for any style.

    12 Floral Accessories to Brighten Your Home

    Anyone else binging on Gilmore Girls this weekend?

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    Take a modern approach and paint the walls navy blue, hang a chandelier overhead and long drapes on the windows.

    Colorful Decorating Ideas for a Small Room

    For an effortless, sophisticated vibe, lean a large piece in a quiet corner. Plexiglas won’t break if knocked over, but because big art is heavy, this is only for toddler-free homes.

    Artful Ideas for Every Room

    Make a statement with a larger-scale wall piece, like this contemporary linked oval mirror.

    Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Installing extra shelving reinvents this living room into a working and/or studying space. Hanging a decorative curtain can give you a little extra privacy for those late nights when you need to step away.

    17 Surprising Home Office Ideas

    A convertible coffee table is the ultimate space-saving investment.

    7 Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Home

    An extra-large coffee table with a feminine shape is the modern take on the traditional game table.

    33 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

    Enliven a couch with an inexpensive material, such as burlap, giving it surprising character.

    Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Perk up a bare wall with lightweight two-dimensional tiles. They’re easily removed when you want a change.

    Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Repurpose a sleek bath cart to serve as a side table or a minibar, stocked with drinks and snacks.

    Living Room Decorating Ideas

    A glass room divider is a great choice for separating a space and making sure both areas receive adequate natural light.

    Creative Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

    Use a large, inexpensive sisal rug as a base, and layer it with a small version of the pricier rug you love.

    6 Amazing Room Makeovers

    There are five dracaena (from the supermarket) repotted into this cone-shaped planter, creating an abundant, exotic feel.

    Decorating With House Plants

    Hang a ceiling-mounted pull-down curtain or shade to use when you want to divide large, open spaces into discrete areas.

    Living Room Decorating Ideas

    Painting a paneled wall a cool shade of gray will enhance the detailing.

    Colorful Decorating Ideas for a Small Room

    An easy guide to creating a DIY birch still life in your fireplace.

    Dress Up an Unused Fireplace

    Why bring in boxes and bins when your furnishings can store everything for you? Make room to relax by containing the chaos with versatile hidden storage.

    Surprise Storage for the Living Room

    Tips to make your time spent cleaning more effective (so you won't have to do it again).

    Keep the Living Areas Clean Longer

    Cool metal touches give this room a sophisticated air.

    33 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

    How to fake a clean living room.

    How to Fake a Clean House

    Before hanging a mirror, consider what it will reflect (preferably not a blank wall).

    Living Room Makeover

    For the bold: An indoor swing.

    Playful Decorating Ideas

    This genius console has got your ugly tech stuff covered—literally. See the holes in front? They’re strategically sized and spaced to allow your remote’s gamma rays (or whatever) to penetrate.

    7 Stylish Storage Solutions for Your Home