Glasses Case as Makeup Organizer | With the cameras flashing and all eyes on you, there’s a lot of pressure to look your very best. Stash extra makeup—think lip gloss and concealer—in an empty glasses case and tuck in your purse for quick touch up’s throughout the day.

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Binder Clip as Ribbon Organizer | Clip one end of the spool to keep the ribbon from unfurling in your giftwrap drawer.

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Candlestick as Bracelet Holder | Bangles bulging out of your jewelry box? Slip them over a candlestick and let them accessorize your dresser.

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Golf Tee as a Garden Marker | Plunk a tee next to every perennial bulb you plant and you’ll know where the bulbs are even when the leaves are not visible.

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Glass Jar as Arts and Crafts Organizer | Kids can see inside the glass jars to find what they’re looking for, from crayons to pompoms. Leave off the lids for extra long supplies, like pipe cleaners or colored pencils.

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Tic Tac Box as Spice Holder | Pack small amounts of your favorite spice (red pepper flakes, anyone?) in old Tic Tac boxes, to season food on-the-go.

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Hanger as Ribbon Organizer | Turn a tangle of ribbons into a neat presentation. Hang coordinating colors over the prongs of a tie hanger.

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Colander as Knitting Assistant | To prevent balls of yarn from tangling, string the end of each through a colander hole.

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