Swap traditional cabbage coleslaw for a Brussels sprouts version tossed in a light and creamy avocado-cilantro dressing. Cherry tomatoes, scallions, and smoky corn freshen up this picnic classic—but when it’s not in season, frozen sweet corn is a fine substitute.

Italian farro, pomegranate seeds, and ricotta salata add up to a big batch salad you’ll want to eat all week. The hearty, fiber-rich Brussels sprouts will absorb the sweet shallot dressing without wilting in the fridge—but feel free to perk up each serving with a splash of lemon juice.

This riff on the flavors of the classic Waldorf is enlivened by a light and creamy dressing made with Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. Roll toasted, chopped walnuts onto rounds of goat cheese for a topping that’s as tasty as it is fun.

Thinly shaved Brussels sprouts are tossed with leafy baby kale in this sweet superfood salad. Choose a crisp, tart apple and substitute dried cranberries or raisins to your taste. Many grocery stores sell shredded Brussels sprouts in bags—but if you can’t find them, a mandoline or a sharp knife will also do the trick.

This tasty flatbread is a riff on the classic BLT sandwich.

This quick-cooking dinner is packed full of flavor, thanks to chipotle-spiced plantains and a salt-and-vinegar slaw.

This vibrant vegetarian frittata is packed with fresh asparagus, chopped broccoli, and juicy cherry tomatoes. Serve for dinner or brunch, with a slice of crusty bread.

This vibrant vegetarian frittata is packed with fresh asparagus, chopped broccoli, and juicy cherry tomatoes. Serve for dinner or brunch, with a slice of crusty bread.

Wild Alaskan salmon is the cleanest (low-mercury) variety of salmon. Before searing a fillet, pat very dry with paper towels to avoid sticking.

Sure, they’re great shaved into salads or tucked into tea sandwiches, but you don’t need to treat them so preciously. Try roasting them, greens and all, in pancetta fat for pasta, or pickle some to make spring’s most stirring cocktail garnish.

Warm up this winter with this delicious slow-cooker kielbasa.

This simple sandwich, whose name translates to "bathed bread," is a picnic classic for good reason: unlike traditional sandwich spreads (i.e. mayo), which don't pack well, the vinaigrette dressing gently moistens the crunchy bread and deepens in flavor during travel.

Chopped cantaloupe, cucumber, and lots of fresh basil keep these Vietnamese pork chops light and fresh for the summer.

Half a dozen unique ways to serve cantaloupe, including pasta salad with cantaloupe, feta, and dill.

Fresh fennel adds sweet anise flavor to a base of chewy farro, while shaved beets and sliced radishes provide a satisfying crunch. Sprinkle with freshly chopped chives just before serving.

Crispy chicken and a flavorful pea-studded rice pilaf will become a new family favorite.

Serve these cheesy roll-ups filled with black beans, spinach, and corn with a fresh, crisp salad.

Rosemary Pork Chops with Butternut Squash Puree

Roasted Cod with Potatoes, Fennel, and Tomatoes

Creamy Baked Pasta with Kale and Parmesan

Why serve tacos when you can present these indulgent enchiladas instead? Shredded chicken, corn, and Muenster cheese are tossed with a homemade salsa verde, tucked into 6-inch flour tortillas, then rolled and placed, seam-side down, in a rectangular baking dish. The whole thing is then topped with the remaining sauce and cheese and baked until bubbly and brown.

This gratin, a dish that’s typically mixed with heavy cream and then topped with cheese and breadcrumbs before baking under a broiler, is the ultimate indulgence. Cheesed-filled ravioli is stirred with heavy cream and pesto, topped with breadcrumbs and Parmesan, and then baked until golden brown and bubbling.

Yes, you can have chocolate for dinner. Since the days of the Aztecs, dark, rich cocoa has been a key ingredient in the thick, aromatic Mexican sauce known as mole. This version is much simpler than traditional recipes, many of which contain dozens of different chillies and spices—but the results are still delicious. For a memorable taco night, toss the sauce with a shredded rotisserie chicken and serve alongside a tray of tortillas and fixings.

Passover traditions vary from community to community, and for those with a Sephardic background (whose ancestors came from Spain or the Middle East), rice is a welcome part of Passover meals. These Vietnamese-style rice paper rolls are filled with the same ingredients as a Waldorf salad and are an excellent way to use up leftover roast chicken. They’re also delicious made with lettuce leaves instead of rice paper