realtalker's bags

Realtalking bags for realtalkers. Politically incorrect styles with a cool and modern flair.
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social justice laptop sleeve

Social justice laptop sleeve

Laptop Sleeves,Social Justice,Laptops,Accessories,Bags

be feminine cosmetic bag

Be feminine cosmetic bag

Cosmetic Bag,Feminine,Cosmetics,Accessories,Bags

be feminine plaid tote bag

Be feminine plaid tote bag

Plaid,Feminine,Tote Bags,Heart

white people invented that duck bag - light bulb

White people invented that duck bag - light bulb

Canvas Bags,Bulbs,White People,Canvases,Lights,Wagon,Umbrellas,Bathing,All

confirmed shitlord duck bag - barbell

Confirmed shitlord duck bag - barbell

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be feminine clutch

Be feminine clutch