Activities for 1 year olds.

30+ {Busy} 1 Year Old Activities

Perfect for a certain almost 1 year old busy boy I know! {Busy} 1 Year Old Activities

Adorable father and son memento

Daddy and baby hand print - too cute! It be fun to do a father/son and mother/daughter handprints!

Large area rug DIY for under $30...never would have thought of this!

What a cool idea! large area rug DIY f\from carpet samples and carpet tape; add some piping to the edges to prevent fraying, some caulk lines or shelf liners to the bottom to prevent slippage. SO F-ING DONE!

Name Bookshelf - CUTE!!!    substitute X's and O's  for Amzii

Name Shelf- great inspiration to make one for your kid's room. Paint some wood letters or another idea could be to paint some paper mache letters and use as book ends too! (I like this idea, except my kids' names are long.

Yoga Poses To Help Relieve "Nursing Back". Stretches for breast feeding mammas.----wish I would have seen this when I was nursing!

how to relieve back pain when nursing - I definitely would have liked to have known about this! Yoga Poses To Help Relieve "Nursing Back". Stretches for breast feeding moms

Applesauce Toddler Bites (Inspiration!) The little ones will love these on the go snacks :)

How to make Applesauce Toddler Bites

I bet this is good for teething Applesauce Bites - frozen yumminess. Originally for toddlers but can do for us big kids. A good, cool, sweet treat with no-sugar added applesauce.


Dinner | Baby One Piece

Funny Baby Onesie - Funny Baby Onesies boy girl lmfao body suits hilarious for dad auntie humour country grandma mommy unisex uncle nerdy music for twins from aunt from aunty grandparents newborns future children Disney movies daddy dogs awesome.

10 Easy Toddler Activities (that take little to no set up).

Easy Toddler Activities With Little to no Setup. Use Household Items

Make your own nursery door latch cover so you don't wake the baby when you shut the door! Perfect baby shower gift!

DIY Nursery Door Latch Cover

Smart idea for door-slamming toddler! How-To: Nursery Door Latch great for a classroom door too!