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Le trésor, daté de 350 à 450 avant JC Sevso,Romania Dacian culture

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Trajan's column was erected to commemorate the successful campaigns of the Emperor against the Dacians of the Danube frontier (the ancestors of contemporary Romania) in AD 101-2 and 105-6. It stood at the focal point of the Emperor's Forum in Rome

Trajan's Column - Victoria and Albert Museum

The Danubian Culture

"The origin of the standard is unknown and still a matter of dispute among scholars. A specific and certain origin is still difficult to be determined. Dacian, Thracian, Scythian, Sarmatian[8][9][10] or Parthian origins have been proposed in dedicated historiography.[11] According to Lucreţiu Mihăilescu-Bîrliba by the 2nd century AD, i.e. after the conclusion of the Dacian Wars, the draco symbol was assimilated in the Greco-Roman world with the Dacian ethnos"

Dacian Draco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Trajans Column,erected by the emperor following his victory in Rome,wich tells the story of the conquest and campaign against the Dacians from beginning to end.