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DIY Ribbon Fish. Inspiration: I spotted this photo (top) and used google image search to find out it was from Etsy here. Apparently the hair clip was only $2.50, so why make it? But alas, as in so many Etsy cases, it’s no longer for sale. But I loved this idea for a Holiday or birthday present and found a tutorial for it (so happy) at Love My Tapes here. Just glue a backing on and you’re done. So cute. *Note: Etsy Clip made with 3” Grosgrain ribbon fish attached to a 1 3/4

Tutorial for Peekaboo Toy Sacks to store kids toys--and still know what's inside.

After searching everywhere for this pattern my grandmother used to make and not finding written instructions, I decided to write the pattern instructions myself. I thought this variation of the block stitch was well known, and I don’t claim that I invented it. I just wrote it down so everyone can enjoy it.

Take plastic cups from the grocery store, drill two holes in the back, and use zip ties to secure them to a peg board! Becomes great storage for art supplies or other nicknacks. cute, colorful, effective, and cheap!

C: slouchy knit hat tutorial -- now that it's (theoretically) spring, I can't find any hats in store but dammit, it's still cold outside!!

I stumbled upon this cool tutorial over at Sofie Legarth's blog . It's in Danish, so I endeavored to make an English version because I'm ...

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