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Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw the Female Form: [ "Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw the Female Form Art Ed Central winner!", " I want to experiment wi


Playing with a tangle pattern and coming up with new variations is lots of fun! Here is a step out for a scalloped variation on the tangle pattern Niuroda, originally by Tina "Akua" Hunziker. This variation looks almost like a flower!

:-) per le spose

Pretty paper flower tutorial made from recycled book pages. There are so many things you could do with this paper flower tutorial! Maybe I could use sheet music instead of book pages?

Doily Lantern

Doily Lantern: Simple steps to a stunning centerpiece! Your guests will always remember their table and the magical atmosphere your wedding exuded with these delicate doily lamps. Give them away as favors to specia