Rebecca Grennan

Rebecca Grennan
Monterey, CA / I am Woman, Mother, Wife, Sister, Artist, Animal Lover, and so much more than I even know...
Rebecca Grennan
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Have you ever wanted to speak truth, but were afraid if you did, you’d be left with no friends in the room? That’s where I’m at today. Hands filled to the brim with truth, but unable to form the words because well…I like having friends.

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You might think that wall calendars are a thing of the (quickly disappearing) analog past, but don't dismiss them too quickly. Recently we caught up with a few PhotoShelter members who not only find them to be an excellent revenue…

This is the cutest most kid-friendly Valentine's Day paper plate craft I've seen yet! Awesome idea for preschool crafts and elementary classroom crafts. My kids know Valentine's Day means pizza and candy at school! (Valentins Day For Kids School)

Joy Villa, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Picture: Getty No guts no glory! What a passionate woman to wear this at such a time. I love that it looks so child like, so innocent.

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