The Queen's Resistance

Sequel to THE QUEEN'S RISING * Coming March 5, 2019 from HarperTeen
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the book cover for the queen's resistance, with an image of two people standing in
The Official List of Harper’s Winter 2019 Young Adult Cover Reveals
#CoverReveal The Queen’s Resistance (The Queen’s Rising, #2) by Rebecca Ross
ch. ara & anarchy Royals, Victoria, Larp, Lady, Cosplay, Royalty, Medieval Aesthetic, Medieval Fantasy
ch. ara & anarchy
pintrest ❃ @addymccarthy Collage, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary, The Crown, Royal, Royal Blood, Princess
pintrest ❃ @addymccarthy
black and white photograph of two hands holding bars in front of a dark background with only one hand on the bars
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a blurry photo of a person holding their hand out in front of the camera
A lord with no weakness
a woman with long hair has multiple braids on her head
Warrior Braids
a black and white photo with the words i'm not her
E.M. II By Alexander Kuzmin
a black and white photo with the words es un trato? written in spanish
Stardust & Wanderlust
Be kind but leery of all, demons see kindness as light, they are drawn to it as moths are. tm
an image of tree roots in black and white
Roots | The North Realm
a man standing on top of a rocky hill next to grass and large rocks in the distance
Amazing Places to Visit – Enjoy the Great Outdoors!
❁[Ane of The Wild Hunt]❁
black and white photograph of trees in the foggy forest with pine trees on both sides
Top 10 Most Amazing Black And White Photos
10 photos noir et blanc très inspirantes. | 10 amazingky inspiring black and white photographs
two hands reaching for each other in front of a rain streaked window with water drops
a man's face is shown in black and white with light coming from his eyes