Purple flowers and greenery in an informal bouquet tied with raffia

Stunning Wedding Bouquet Which Includes: Purple Delphinium, White Delphinium, Lavender Mums, Additional Purple & White Florals + Lots Of Various Greenery & Foliage

[by Alice Gao]

A lovely artistic photo of delicate and light pink Peonies that regrettably do not have a photo credit as it has spread across the internet


Pink hydrangea, Unlike most plants, the color of hydrangeas depend on the PH level in the soil. You can have white to deep purple and every color in between by altering the soil.


Seriously they come up with the prettiest floral shoots for the magazine every. This creative little team of Annabella Charles Photography, Karin from Haute Horticulture – who creates the most incredible florals – and Kri