Funny pictures about Everyday objects and pen sketches. Oh, and cool pics about Everyday objects and pen sketches. Also, Everyday objects and pen sketches.

Heartbreaking tribute…

Heartbreaking tribute…

A Heartbreaking Tribute. Nine thousand silhouettes were hand drawn in the sand on the Normandy beach to commemorate the soldiers and civilians who died on June

Village Wall Plate

next pottery painting. Village Wall Plate You can do this so easy, get the white plates at Dollar Tree use Sharpie Markers, then bake in oven. I think for 2 hrs, and they are good to go.

Turkish Plates - HH:  they look like rows of highly decorated shield armor.  beautiful geometry

In the Marrakech souks, you can find these brightly painted large plates for sale.Mandala ideas for painting


There are plenty of fish in the sea. I just suck at fishing! For me its the complete opposite I catch like 10 fish

Pablo Picasso

Picasso avec une colombe, Paris 1945 -by James Lord (Maybe it's us artists that love our birds even when they land on our heads)

Mirko Hanak illustration, Bambi, 1967

Illustration by Mirko Hanak for the book Bambi - A Life in the Woods by Felix Salten


Love this idea for a self-esteem craft. Many of the girls in my troop have self-esteem issues. I love this idea of doing the out-line on canvas and having the girls paint it to take home to remind themselves that they ARE beautiful.

Illustrator: Pascal Campion

Scorcher part two. I'll be in Annecy next week, and I have some very cool projects that. Scorcher part two

Whimsical Illustrations by Cintascotch

Love these creative illustrations by ‘cintascotch’ Javier Pérez! Everyday objects inspire him most, and his illustrations inspire me!