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a watercolor painting of a dandelion with lots of colors in the background
Making Wishes
20x20 Resined Acrylic Pour Flower Rainbow, Dandilion
a painting with words written on it in different colors and sizes, all you need is love
Love Is All You Need
18x24 Resined Rainbow Acrylic Pour on Canvas Hands, Pride, Love Art
an abstract painting of a woman's face with flowers in her hair and lips
Letting Go
24x20 Acrylic Painting on Textured Canvas Emotional, Faces, Lips, Art
a large purple flower sitting on top of a table
Flowers For Maggie
20x20 Acrylic Pour Flower Pink, Purple
an abstract painting with lots of bubbles floating on it
Consciousness Series
Purple and Black Acrylic Pour with Bubbles
black and white drawing of bubbles floating in water
Consciousness Series B&W
Black and White Acrylic Pour With Bubbles
a painting with water drops on it and trees in the center, surrounded by bubbles
Beyond The Trees
30x24 Acrylic on Textured Canvas Silhouetted Trees with Bubbles
a long red counter top sitting on top of a wooden floor
Acrylic Pour Epoxy Counter Top
I sanded down my formica countertops and did and acrylic pour across them and then sealed them with Epoxy Resin. And I LOVE THEM!
a living room with a couch, chair and coffee table in it's center
Consciousness Series Table
24x48x16.5 Resined Acrylic Pour on Wood Table with Metal Legs
a painting of a woman sitting on the ground with her back turned to the camera
24x20 Acrylic Pour on Canvas Acrylic Pour Nude Figurative Painting
a black and white photo of a leaf
8x8 Acrylic on Canvas Black and White Acrylic Pour Flower
two white horses standing next to each other on top of a red and blue background
Hearts Never Forget
24x20 Acrylic on Canvas Acrylic Pour Painting Elephants
a painting of a purple fish in the water
A Fish Called "Wanda"
18x24 Acrylic on Canvas Beta Fish made with an Acrylic pour.
an image of the beatles walking across the street with paint all over it and one man in white
Abby Road
24x18 Acrylic on Canvas