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Don't waste the leftover mashed potatoes- Bacon Cheddar Potato Cakes

Don't waste the leftover mashed potatoes- Bacon Cheddar Potato Cakes. Reminds me of my childhood and my Mom making potato cakes - minus the bacon. Can't wait to try this recipe.

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

baked sweet and sour chicken). boneless chicken breasts salt + pepper 1 cup cornstarch 2 eggs, beaten cup canola oil The sweet and sour sauce: cup sugar 4 tbs ketchup cup distilled white vinegar 1 tbs soy sauce 1 tsp garlic salt

Bounce- 1. It will chase ants away when you lay a sheet near them. It also repels mice.  2. Spread sheets around foundation areas, or in trailers, or cars that are sitting and it keeps mice from entering your vehicle.   3. It takes the odor out of books and photo albums that don't get opened too often.   4. It repels mosquitoes. Tie a sheet of Bounce through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season.   5. Eliminate static electricity from your television (or computer) screen.  6…

TIP: Bounce Will chase ants away: lay a sheet near them; also repels mice. Repels mosquitoes: Tie Bounce sheet of through belt loop outdoors during mosquito season. Keep reading.