Hellfire & Holy water

TBH holy water tastes like water (hahaha), but I know Helen tastes so much sweeter ;

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Who is guilty of this? My sweetie spilled the beans about wanting to put babies in my belly 6 years ago at a Jazz festival after a tad bit of whisky : )

Fucken shit here I thought I needed to stop swearing lmfao

No flipping doubt.  Front page, three issues.  Sick of it.

that could mean lots of things like Pinkie finger - Pinkie promise. Ring finger - I do. Middle finger - Fuck you. Pointer finger - Yea, you Thumb - I'm okay.

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straight up fuck your sensitivities if it's the truth, deal with it


"Fucktardo" man thatd be my favorite word if I had the guts to say the "f word"