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a toothbrush holder with a rainbow fairy on top and mushrooms in the bottom for decoration
Rainbow Fairy Dolly Pegs - Red Ted Art - Kids Crafts
Rainbow Fairy (for St Patrick's Day?!)
many different colored leaves laying on top of a metal tray in front of a window
Tutorial: What to do with all those pretty leaves
How to wax fall leaves to preserve them.
a handwritten paper with instructions for how to make a fairy
Go ahead, make a fairy! | Watercolor Paintings, Illustration, Inspiration and Creativity
Good ideas for clothespin fairies
a purple and white fairy doll sitting on top of a wooden stick in the shape of a toothpick
Fairy Peg Dolls
DIY clothespin fairies! Paint, poms, and felt. A litle help with the glue, perhaps.
three different colored tutues hanging from strings
Clothespin Fairy Ornaments Tutorial
Clothespin Fairies
an assortment of seashells and seaweed on display in a wooden box with glass doors
Chasing Cheerios
A shadow box laid flat would let the kids sort treasures at their nature table.
a wooden table topped with lots of items next to a wall covered in pictures and butterflies
Our 'New' Nature Area
Nature table.
three jars filled with different types of rocks and sea shells on top of a counter
All About YoFreeSamples
Treasure jars! I'd like to choose a couple neat ways for the kids to store their treasures this summer.
a wooden bunk bed with toys and paintings on it
Bending Birches
Summer nature table
a small stuffed animal with a red bow on it's head in a yellow case
Sunshine Gnome Summer Nature Table Waldorf Inspired | Etsy
Sunshine Gnome Summer Nature Table Waldorf Inspired by WildPlums
some little fairy figurines are sitting in the grass near a table with food on it
Crafty Project: Little Fairy Peg Dolls
Inspiration for spring fairy peg dolls.
a close up of a fake deer in a glass bowl on a table with plants
Magical forest in a jar
. Little globe world
a piece of art made out of sticks and rope on top of a sheet of paper
Rhythm of the Home
Woodland Stick Frame directions from Rhythm of the Home.
a white feather and an orange bead on a wooden table
Rhythm of the Home
Winter Snow Fairies - instructions from Rhythm of the Home.