Altoid Tins

Altoid Tins

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cute mouse houses

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Altoids tin survival kit. I'd put this in my car.

Altoids Survival Kit
  • JarrodandRachel Stotmeister
    JarrodandRachel Stotmeister

    I don't think the compass would be of any help to me! I've tried to learn how to use one so many times and still don't know how. LOL

recycled Altoid tins

10 Cute and Creative Ways to Repurpose Altoid Tins ...
  • Lynn Zethof
    Lynn Zethof

    These are so great! Love the idea of using one for a hardware gift card!

  • Shelvy Hurley
    Shelvy Hurley

    I knew that I saved these for some reason!

  • Suzanne Prichard
    Suzanne Prichard

    OMG so cute! Who is the genius?

  • Gayle Copas Elkins
    Gayle Copas Elkins

    My husband does this.

  • Heather Johnson
    Heather Johnson

    so adorable!

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reuse an old mint container to hold your business cards.

Creative Crafts that Recycle

Use an Altoid tin to create your purse makeup palette!

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Altoid coffin

DAVE LOWE DESIGN the Blog: Peppermint Coffin
  • Dora Howell
    Dora Howell

    that is funny

  • Sandra Schweig Stevens
    Sandra Schweig Stevens

    OMG and I just saw some Altoid Tins tossed @ work today! What a waste. If I had only known :-/

DIY Bottle Top Pin Cushion and Altered Altoid Tin Kit

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The Feathered Nest

Decorate a Altoids tin, then fill it with paper and crayons. Great for restaurants or waiting rooms.

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  • Jenn Jones
    Jenn Jones

    I use these for putting nuts snack in my purse. great size.

  • Debbie Heighton
    Debbie Heighton

    this is so cute.... going to try this one.,, thanks for sharing

  • Stephanie Holecek
    Stephanie Holecek

    Love this. Always have crayon boxes ripping and spilling in my purse.

  • SaintedCajun's Treasures
    SaintedCajun's Treasures

    Just what I need for my granddaughter


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  • Jenette Schulte
    Jenette Schulte

    This looks gorgeous

  • Laurel Thompson Becker
    Laurel Thompson Becker

    sooooo cute

  • Lalita Page
    Lalita Page

    Love this!

  • SaintedCajun's Treasures
    SaintedCajun's Treasures

    Love this

mini suit case

Life in the Craft Lane: In Mint Condition
  • Kathy Daily
    Kathy Daily

    Cute ornament to remember a special trip.

  • SaintedCajun's Treasures
    SaintedCajun's Treasures

    Super cool

altered altoid tin lids

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altoid tin piano

Altoid tin pocket thumb piano - Make:

Altered Altoid Tin.... nifty!

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  • Shanna Schack
    Shanna Schack

    You must eat A LOT of Altoids to be able to make all these projects.

Altered altoid tin

Trick or Treat Altoid Tin Gallery - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS

altoid tin pocket game chest

22 Manly Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin
  • Terri Miller
    Terri Miller

    I made one up a few years ago and I use it all the time. I have the mini yahtzee pads so we play whenever we fly.

DIY Altoid Tin Toolbox Favors

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  • Jennifer Bowman
    Jennifer Bowman

    These are adorable..

  • Vanessa C
    Vanessa C

    love this!

Mini magnetic travel games using an altoid tin

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Altoids tin repurposed into a pincushion and sewing ...

Altoids Pincushion Tin | My Recycled

printable page for games in a tin

How to Make a Magnetic Travel Board Games Set with Altoids Tins Craft for Kids - Kids Crafts & Activities

watercolors to go tutorial

One Golden Apple: watercolors to go

how to build your own pocket-sized watercolor box.

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The Mint that Keeps on Giving: Altoid Tin Ideas 1. Purse-sized first aid kit...example here, 2. Tooth tin for the tooth fairy 3. Purse-sized sewing kit 4. Earphone container (I love this because now my earphones are never tangled up) 5. Change purse 6. Crayon container 7. Carry your sweetner of choice 8. Carry your pins (hair pins, safety pins, etc.) 9. Decorate them for party favors (filled with candy or lipgloss, etc) 10. Emergency candles or decorative (click here for tutorial) 11. Glue some strong magnets to the back and it can hold other magnets on your fridge, or twisty ties (it's those depression girls again that save the twisty ties) 12. Traveling intimacy kit (condoms, chocolates, wipes, etc.) 13. You can create a memory game that fits in the tin (using pictures of your family might be fun). 14. I've used them to hold jewelry when I'm traveling. 15. I've given them to the kids at the beach and say that if it can't fit in there, they can't bring it home. 16. Gift boxes for small presents. 17. Nice snack container for cheerios, etc. 18. When you're in another country it keeps your toilet paper dry and intact as you tour around. 19. Fill it with quarters and give it as a gift to the graduate who is off to college and staying at the dorms...laundry money. 20. Bragbook or Memorybook - see tutorial below 21. Of course you can always use it to hold mints and candy and stuff...

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Altoids Tin Earbud Case! always have an extra set in my bag ;p

Altoids Tin Earbud Case!
  • Cecilia Tauzin
    Cecilia Tauzin

    The only way I can keep up with my ear bugs. LUV it

  • Kristin Maize Meyers
    Kristin Maize Meyers

    Now that is a great idea! Gonna do this.

  • Robyn Wentz/Origami Owl Independent Designer #23662
    Robyn Wentz/Origami Owl Independent Designer #23662

    great idea

  • Tracy Dasbach
    Tracy Dasbach

    i guess i need to buy some altoids

  • Sandy Wachdorf-Nemeth
    Sandy Wachdorf-Nemeth

    great idea

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Emergency sweets, gift?

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  • Sue Van Dee
    Sue Van Dee

    the sweets would never over 5 minutes LOL