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Jewelry Crafts

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put a piece of your wedding gown into a necklace for your daughters to wear on their wedding days (something old)

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put a piece of your wedding gown into a necklace for your daughters to wear on their wedding days (something old)

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  • Cyndi Irvine Pack
    Cyndi Irvine Pack

    Would be a neat idea for an origami owl necklace....

  • Vicki Thomas
    Vicki Thomas

    Great idea!

  • Ashley Alexander
    Ashley Alexander

    I love this!

  • Vicki West
    Vicki West

    Now you tell me. My only child married in August. But beautiful idea. OR pin it inside her dress for the something old (just hidden) if she prefers to wear different jewelry.

  • Liz Carter
    Liz Carter is where you can purchase :)

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vintage jewlery from DiBA Jewelry

Heartsy Reviews - Thoughts and views on the Net's best!

Dragonfly Necklace vintage style with brass by botanicalbird, $24.00

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Love this idea

Make some silhouette pendants. - Mod Podge Rocks

Charm It - Beaded Macrame Mod Podge Charm Bracelet Video Tutorial

Video: DIY Beaded Macrame Bracelets With Mod Podge Charms

salt dough pendants

Handcrafted Pendants
  • Mimi Perry
    Mimi Perry

    Very pretty

clay charms.. Love custom jewelry:)

Baghy: DIY polymer clay pendant
  • Mindy Wells
    Mindy Wells

    Traci Lynn

fork/knife handle jewelry with sayings! could make with metal stamps & thrift store utensils

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idea to use rings that are too small as part of the toggle.

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Chain maille bracelet with pearls tutorial

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  • Shirl Kane
    Shirl Kane


Capture your child's handwriting in a charm to wear around your neck. ♥

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  • Alexis Pappas
    Alexis Pappas

    cutest thing!

  • Bonnie Rainey
    Bonnie Rainey

    Great idea!

  • About Last Night event planning
    About Last Night event planning

    Love this!

Collaged scrabble tiles tutorial.

How to Make "Scrabble" Tile Pendants | eHow

birds' nest necklace

Today's Fabulous Finds: Bird Nest Necklace--Check!
  • Jody Dahl
    Jody Dahl

    This is awesome!

  • Debra Bergstrom
    Debra Bergstrom


leather and beads for the girls

How to make wrapped leather bracelets « Rings and Things

tutorial for making wrapped cord bracelets

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necklace length guide

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  • Kristine B
    Kristine B

    This is great!

  • Brandy Olson
    Brandy Olson

    Useful guide.

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B

    Love that this popped up just as i was necklace shopping, thanks!

added ribbon

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Extending short necklaces by adding a ribbon.

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  • Louise Ojeda
    Louise Ojeda

    Great Idea

  • Plexus Slim Mama
    Plexus Slim Mama

    This is such a great idea!

  • Nancy Plum
    Nancy Plum

    Love it

  • Emily Hassabis
    Emily Hassabis

    Very contrast!

  • Theresa Noble
    Theresa Noble

    There are no instructions only leads to ads.

DIY "Wrap It Up" bracelet

make it & fake it: DIY Wrap Bracelet

finger knitted bracelets

SaiFou Image | SaiFou
  • Cari Blain
    Cari Blain

    I used to do this when I was little, I totally forgot about this until now!

Drilling your own seaglass jewelry

Sea Glass Jewelry... Get Out the Drill!

nice..luv the colors

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Tutorial for Anthropologie Pearl Necklace

Southern Fairy Designs: Anthro Power Of 3 Knockoff Tutorial

Fringe pearl necklaces. easy DIY

Garnet Hill - Original Clothing, Bedding and Home Decor