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Secrets to Savor

Enjoy these entertaining secrets, recipes and tips from Lipton® Recipe Secrets®.

Secrets to Savor

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Lipton® Onion Dip: An all-star classic! All you need for this party favorite are two simple ingredients. #oniondip #recipe

Classic Onion Dip

Creamy Bacon Dip: Creamy Onion Dip + Crispy Bacon… together at last. #bacon #dip #recipe

Creamy Bacon Dip
  • Lisa

    ♥ ♥ ♥ bacon!

  • Elaine Gailing
    Elaine Gailing

    love blts this sounds delish

  • Maureen Liciardello
    Maureen Liciardello


Lipton® Roasted Red Pepper & Onion Dip: Gives any party a burst of festive color. #party #dip #pepper

Lipton Roasted Red Pepper & Onion Dip

Pomegranate Sparklers are delicious and festive! More fun holiday drinks:

Pomegranate Sparklers

Golden Buffalo Tenders: Delectable with blue cheese! #buffalo #chicken #recipe

Golden Buffalo Tenders
  • Debbi Richardson
    Debbi Richardson

    Looks very delicious

  • Patrick Mc Entee
    Patrick Mc Entee

    So easy to prepare

  • Rocky Garcia
    Rocky Garcia

    looks good

Perfect Party Spinach Dip: Serve with veggies or chips. #party #dip #spinach

Perfect Party Spinach Dip

Mediterranean Dip: Simply amazing with fresh vegetables, toasted pita bread and skewered chicken. #party #dip #recipe

Mediterranean Dip

Simple Stuffed Potatoes: A treat for holiday meals if you’re looking for a change from mashed potatoes. #cheese #potatoes #holidays

Simple Stuffed Potatoes
  • Genie Sawyer
    Genie Sawyer

    looks good

  • Pat Coleman
    Pat Coleman

    boy o' boy

Steak Au Jus: Tasty, juicy steak ready in 20 minutes flat! #steak #recipe

  • Karen Koziczkowski
    Karen Koziczkowski


Onion-Roasted Chicken & Vegetables: A fast and flavorful feast! #chicken #vegetables #easymeals

Onion-Roasted Chicken & Vegetables
  • teresa

    mmm this does look good

  • Genie Sawyer
    Genie Sawyer

    looks delicious will have to try it

  • Patrick Mc Entee
    Patrick Mc Entee

    Easy and wonderful to eat

  • Lipton® Recipe Secrets®
    Lipton® Recipe Secrets®

    Patrick Mc Entee – Love to hear you're a fan! Next time try it with our absolute favorite stuffed potatoes: Delish!

  • Lisa Mackiewicz
    Lisa Mackiewicz

    this is one of my absolute favorite dishes:):)

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Giving gift cards this Christmas? These handmade Gift-Card Holders add a little something extra.

Super Quick Gifts to Make

Home-Style Beef Brisket: Super tasty on its own or as a sandwich! #beef #brisket #recipe

  • Rebecca Gerard
    Rebecca Gerard


Embellishing a smooth-textured tea towel creates this beautiful effect.

  • Jennie Ramos
    Jennie Ramos

    Cool idea for a couple

  • Sandra Beck
    Sandra Beck

    Love this simple yet wonderful idea

For a festive touch, add a cranberry garnish to Scarlet Wine-Punch. More holiday drink recipes:

Scarlet Wine-Punch
  • ugo ibeh
    ugo ibeh

    can i have a drink? wow, nice.

  • Lootilicious Williams
    Lootilicious Williams


Country-Style Pot Roast: Only 10 minutes of prep for this all-in-one holiday entrée. #roast #holiday #recipe

French Onion Soup: Delightful as a starter or for a main course! #frenchonion #soup #recipe

French Onion Soup
  • Shelly Rinehart
    Shelly Rinehart

    Love French Onion Soup, my Favorite!

  • Sue Stehlik
    Sue Stehlik

    Gotta try this!

  • Julie H Harlan
    Julie H Harlan

    Nothing better 'n a good hot bowl of French Onion soup

  • Shelba Brooks
    Shelba Brooks

    Love french onion soup as one of my favorites,

  • kristen mcclary
    kristen mcclary


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To give a party harvest style, pin place cards to miniature pumpkins. Get more seasonal ideas:

Gorgeous Gourds and Pumpkins for Fall Decorating

Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes: Got 5 minutes? That's all these Sloppy Joes need for prep! #sloppyjoe #sandwiches

Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes
  • Katherine Foote
    Katherine Foote

    I love Sloppy Joes and this recipe looks easy to do.

  • Deborah Granger
    Deborah Granger

    When my kids was grow up[, they love sloppy joes on Thursday night and I still love to fix sloppy joes for myself.

  • Lipton® Recipe Secrets®
    Lipton® Recipe Secrets®

    Deborah Granger – Sloppy Joe Thursday is here! Love this weeknight tradition, thanks for sharing!

  • Vanessa Nelson-Paunescu
    Vanessa Nelson-Paunescu

    I love making sloppy joes for my family on fridays. I will definitely start making this recipe!

How cute! These Holiday Coffee Sleeves make terrific stocking stuffers.

Fast 'N Easy Chili: Especially festive when served with bowls of colorful toppings and tortilla chips. #chili #recipe

  • Cecilia Pollock
    Cecilia Pollock

    comfort food

Hot French Onion Dip: Make this treat even more festive by serving it in a traditional crock. #party #dip

Hot French Onion Dip
  • Emi Nakayama
    Emi Nakayama

    that looks good

  • Genie Sawyer
    Genie Sawyer

    gotta try this one

  • Jodi Boulier
    Jodi Boulier

    Real Comfort Food!

  • Donna Stump
    Donna Stump


  • Sandra Beck
    Sandra Beck

    Wonderful rich flavor served with homemade bread

Hang mini white ornaments from tree branches to achieve the look of gently falling snow. More elegant holiday decorations:

Elegant Holiday Arrangements
  • ugo ibeh
    ugo ibeh


  • Priscilla Schmidt
    Priscilla Schmidt

    Looks very nice

  • Sandra Beck
    Sandra Beck


  • Pat Coleman
    Pat Coleman

    every thing looks and test so good.

Buffalo Onion Ranch Dip: A party dip layered with flavor. #buffalo #ranch #dip

Buffalo Onion Ranch Dip
  • Melissa Hanifan Freeman
    Melissa Hanifan Freeman


  • Joan Ducksworth
    Joan Ducksworth

    I will try sooner or later. I like dips....

This Pine Star Tag makes for a festive place setting. More star crafts:

Slow-Cooked Souperior Meatloaf: Easy to make, perfect for cold winter nights. #meatloaf #slowcooker #easymeals

Slow-Cooked Souperior Meatloaf
  • Brenda Wilson
    Brenda Wilson

    yum, yum. sounds delicious.

  • Carolyn Lott
    Carolyn Lott

    A neat idea.

  • Kelly Hafdell
    Kelly Hafdell

    I will have to make this for my hubby! :o)

  • Lipton® Recipe Secrets®
    Lipton® Recipe Secrets®

    Diana Beatty, Marion Thomas – Thanks, you two! We're pretty proud of this "secret." Have you tried it out yet?

  • Junior Williams
    Junior Williams

    Thier looks good

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