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Susan's Selections

Susan's Selections

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Want to run away? here are some tips--but wait! Is this really a good idea for problems on the home front? told with humor & compassion. Amazing clay illustrations. www.redballoonboo...

Great for readers who love a good mystery and are curious about the law! (ages 8-15)

Joone is 5 years old. She lives with her grandfather in a yurt. Every day she teaches her grandpa something new and everyday Joone learns from him. This story features a charming character & highlights a loving relationship.

Each author has a two-page spread with an illuminating essay on the left and an illustration of his/her favorite books on the right. That's the fun part--like looking at a bookshelf--you can even see the publisher's logo on the spine!

The inspiring and true story of a famous ballet dancer (Nijinsky) and renowned composer (Stravinsky)--two artists who took a risk and worked together to create an innovative masterpiece, "The Rite of Spring." This piece marked the beginning of modern music and modern dance. Magical illustrations, with a text that sings and dances. An artful story that illuminates history.

Follow Laura from age four to her marriage at age 18. Readers will be captivated by adventures the Ingalls family experiences, and the challenges they face as they move around the Midwest as real life pioneers. Laura herself is the author of these books and she recalls her story in great detail, full of love for the prairie and her family. Heartfelt illustrations by Garth Williams. Readers of all ages have loved these books since the first one was published in 1932.

This is a wonderful book based on the stories the author's grandmother told her about growing up near Menomonie, WI. The real-life Caddie was a high-spirited tomboy who loved to hunt, and made friend with the Indians. Beginning in 1864, Caddie's many adventures illustrate her life and times. A Newbery winner and a real classic!

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    Jessica Bigi

    this look like a wonderful book

This is the story of a little boy who REALLY wants a dog. Alas, his mother says no. She does agree to a dragon. Big mistake! The dragon is disruptive and very naughty. But did you know dragons are afraid of dogs? Guess what happens! This story, by local author David LaRochelle, is fast becoming a children's classic.

Inspired by his new love of words, Rocket decides to write a story. He begins to write about the owl in the nest that he passes by every day...when he's through, he has a story "...the owl liked...very much!"

This is a classic adventure story and it’s true! The diary that future journalist Eric Sevareid kept in 1930 while canoeing with a friend from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay. The pair traveled over 2,250 miles of rivers and lakes, through difficult portages, helped along the way by Cree Indians, traders, and homesteaders. Brave and naive, they made it!

Canoeing with the Cree | Red Balloon Bookshop

19th century classic novel about social class, propriety, and love. Published almost 200 years ago!

A very fanciful tale about a young Boy who goes to the Island of Tangerina. Full of animals who talk, imaginative descriptions, and wonderful illustrations, this is truly a classic. Great read aloud!

If you have enjoyed the "Little House" books, you'll love this: The story of spirited Caddie who grows up near Menomonie, Wisconsin. The book begins in 1864 when Caddie is eleven years old. Based on the life of the author's grandmother, this book has become a children's classic and it is a Newbery Winner.

Caddie Woodlawn | Red Balloon Bookshop