Brooke Gardener

Brooke Gardener

Sydney, Australia
Brooke Gardener
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Biggie & Tupac Tattoo..

Made by Antonio Macko Todisco Tattoo Artists in Milano, Italy Region

Back To The Future Tattoo..

wasn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he did have a pretty cool hat.

Dave Grohl Tattoo..

Hungarian tattoo artist Szalai "Tibi" Tibor creates some stunningly realistic looking tattoos. His portrait work is amazing, his flowers beautiful, but it is his tattoo of an enormous spider that r.

Kurt Cobain Tattoo..

Real music lovers aren't content with just listening to their favorite tunes, they want to wear them on their skin. check out these tattoos for music lovers

Muhammad Ali Tattoo..

When sports icon Muhammad Ali passed away last week people were very quick to show off their ink of the champion boxer. See 6 inspiring tattoos here.

Star Trek Tattoo..

We know that this argument can often go on forever and ever, but we’re Team Picard all the way.Tattoo by Melissa Valiquette.

Tupac & Biggie Tattoo..

The west coast and east coast are both well represented in this cartoonish tattoo by Denis Torikashvili.