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Princesses. Cute

We Did An In-Depth Analysis Of 21 Disney Female Leads

Not my thing

Afternoon Funny Pictures - 53 Pics


Faith In Humanity Restored

Faith In Humanity Restored - 33 Pics

every one of these tweets made me laugh.

Ellen’s Favorite Tweets

Random Funny Pictures – 62 Pics ~ oh my word this is hilarious!!!

Random Funny Pictures - 62 Pics

Eminem meeting Lady Gaga for the first time. Now that's genuine concern. Gosh I laughed so hard


Frozen Is Overrated

[Guide] How to eat your favorite foods. (i wouldn't eat the chinese food.)

How To Eat Your Favorite Foods [Guide]

Friendship quotes | List of top 10 #best #friendship #quotes

List of top 10 best friendship quotes


Trying not to fart Crush, #Fart, #Funny #funnies #comedy #profollica #humor #memes

I’ll Just Hold It Then

You had one job....

Twitter / sammi_gazza: @_youhadonejob ...

Saw something funny on Facebook last night for the first time before I found it here. - Imgur

Obviously a boy because it thinks it has all the right answers ;)

  • Doug Byrd
    Doug Byrd

    Stop hating red

  • Red Baker
    Red Baker

    Hahahah you're silly I just saw this comment I never look at my notifications :) Doug Byrd

  • Doug Byrd
    Doug Byrd


#LOL but don't do it, just don't.

Scotch tape selfies.

you know you're a 90's kid..

25 Ways To Tell You’re A Kid Of The ‘90s


Can you see the angry bunny face? Hint: The cat's tongue is his nose.

22 Images That Can NOT Be Unseen


OMG! This is freaking hilarious!

Knock Knock. Who's there? GIGGLES 14!!

Admit it. As some point in your life you’ve tried to see if you had super powers.

Super Powers | Shut Up I'm Talking

I thought this was gonna be a really inspirational quote.....then I read the second part.

It could't get worse... / iFunny :)

It could't get worse... / iFunny :)