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19th Cen. Hair/Accessories

Hair was AMAZING back then. See original photos, paintings, drawings of 1850's-60's hair on this board. Look here for Photo tutorials to help YOU accomplish beautiful hairstyles as a 19th century reenactor. Also, suggested period correct (and similar modern substitutions if there is no period alternative) pins, pomades, hair oils, nets, etc. for accomplishing the task. Photo tutorials closer to end. Buns.Twists. Chignons. Hair rats. False pieces. Pomade. Hair oil. Combs. Hairnets. Headresses.
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Lovely 1850s hairstyle, very simple and tidy.

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Woman Seen from the Back (Ca 1865)

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Josephine Peigne Hair Comb c.1860's photograph

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1/9th-Plate Tinted Ambrotype, Circa 1859

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Mary Ann Mohr 1839-1868, had child born 1862, married Warren Allen Booth (1827-1898), lived in Erie, PA - Sign Up Now!

Hairstyle Tutorial | Twisted Rope Updo - do a center part

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Nancy Southworth Hawes and Marion Augusta Hawes, 1855 by Southworth and Hawes. Good view of typical side hair.

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Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze (German-born American artist, 1816-1868) The Amber Necklace

It's About Time: 1800s American Families

Comment from Kay Gnagey: When I did my big "accessories on CdVs" counting project, I found that about 2/3 of all women depicted in indoor dress wore SOMETHING on their head - often all one can see it a bit of ribbon or such. This net, if worn, would give a similar frontal look. So I would not restrict it to the well-to-do class leisure wear -- there are many chores/work women do that is not dirty or requires rough clothing and this would fit the "SOMETHING on the head" category very well…

Abiti Antichi- cuffia 38 e 39


DIY Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial

DIY Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial via

DIY Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial | Wedding Hair Ideas

Title: Rosalie Riesener, 20 years old. Artist: Riesener, Léon (Paris, 21/01/1808 - Paris, 25/05/1878) 1863

In the Swan's Shadow: Rosalie Riesener, 20 years old, 1863

Modes de coiffure Victoria et Elizabeth

Album photo - aufeminin

Der Bazar, August 1858. University of Dusseldorf.

In the Swan's Shadow

1860s Hairpiece Wardrobe.

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The Crinoline Period, women wearing snood- net headdress for hair in 1850's

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1850, double hair part

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wood hair combs | Combs / 1850 Wood hair comb

1850 Wood hair comb | Combs | Pinterest

Antique Hair Product Bottles: "Lyon's Kathairon for the Hair", was a very successful operation out of New York, and therefore their bottles are not rare, with this open pontil 1850s example valued at $40. Note the simple, crude and desirable early block lettering.

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Switches and combs galore.

Victorian Nonsense: Victorian Hairstyles & tutorial

Victorian Hairstyle

Victorian Hair Styles

1850s/60s Curls These 3 curls measure approx. 11, 12, and 13" long, is dark brown. 2 of the curls have wired bands at the top, the other has a small loop. The label on the box reads "L Grabbe & Co, Importers of Human Hair and Manufacturers Of Human Hair Goods, Wholesale and Retail, Under First National Bank, Davenport, Iowa". The box in skewed out of shape and the top is missing one end flap.

All The Pretty Dresses: 1850's Faux Curl, real hair

Set of Human Hair Love Momentos dated 1850

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Victorian ivory comb with carved lilies of the valley in a swirl pattern that meets in the middle. English, c. 1850

Barbaraanne's Hair Comb Blog | A Community of Scholars | Page 6

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Human hair sewn unto a braid foundation, British, ca. 1850's-80's. V, nr. AP.24-1889

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