Recycled--TRASH ART

ART ONLY!!! -other repurposed items will be removed. All pins must be from Artists who use recycled, upcycled, and reclaimed trash to create works of Art.
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Cereal boxes into paper/mail tray. I did it with gorilla tape instead, it makes it sturdier and I don't have to worry about the wrapping paper ripping

made from plastic bottles

Made from a PET bottle

Porta papel higiênico feito com garrafa pet

diy plastic bottle flowers

Tutoriel Fabriquer un petit cadre oriental en carton (Créations en carton - cartonnage) - Femme2decoTV

DIY Decorado Garrafa de Vinho Projetos DIY |

Made from a repurposed fork - this is awesome!

Faça Você Mesmo - Globinho de neve usando um pote de vidro

DIY File Organier from Shoe Box

DIY Seashell Planter | Billabong US

Turn plastic bottles into wall-mounted storage . . . Simple DIY: Remove bottle caps. Use small screws to attach the caps to a piece of scrap wood. Cut off the bottle bottoms and place tape around the cut area to cover sharp edges. Screw the bottles back into their caps. Hang on wall, and, voila, storage!

DIY Desk Organizer


Cookie Basket. Use washi tape to hold it together

I knew I would eventually find a use for all that washi tape I have in my craft closet! Washi tape turned ordinary cereal boxes into these beautiful organizers! You'll be delighted at how easy and fun they are to make!

All u need is an old CD, a piece of cloth, small flat stones and some glue

I have to do this!,Popsicle sticks & hot glue gun - mini pallet coasters! - Cute Decor

Un support à boucles d'oreilles - Modes & Travaux

diy flower lights!

Plastic spoon flower

Way too cool... a mirror tiled with recycled soda cans

recycled magazine wreath

beautiful bubble wands