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3 Rules of Alcohol.

Here's to sitting on the toilet at 3 a., thirty minutes past necessary, with nothing but the soft glow of Candy Crush lighting up the room.

Hairy stockings for teenage girls will keep the perverts away @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Hartley

LOL LOL gross, Crazzzy - Leggings, 'Anti-pervert' hairy stockings could be a summer hit.Women tired of men staring at their legs this summer can now deflect any unwanted attention with a pair of these hairy stockings.

funny baby clothes

Buff Baby Funny Muscles Shirt I would flex but I like this shirt. Cute and funny baby one-piece tshirt for baby shower or other baby boy occasion for the bodybuilder personal trainer's kids. Printed on Skreened Baby One Piece

Just don't do it.

I advise no one to tell me to calm down. Hahah baptizing a cat. haha im going to be laughing for days.