Best Romantic Movies EVER.

This board is actually pinned from my husband's board. He's doing this cool thing with our favorite movies, and I think everyone should read what he's got goin' on. Anyway, these are movies that we simply love.
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352 Days of Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:... FOOLS RUSH IN... Hollywood Formula Rom-Com has quality elements across the board, that's why it works.'LOVE STORY Ad LAS VEGAS HEAT' Classic fish out of water/opposites attract story. Explores cultural, ethnic, familial & career issues AFTER quickie Vegas chapel ceremony. POV stuffy ivy leaguer Matthew Perry, cue Salma Hayek as vegas latina love interest. Elvis isn't only good music. QT:"these things are usually worked out before the 2nd date"...

Fools Rush In (1997)

Wicked. A really different kind of love story.

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364 Days of Romantic Films: Till Valentine's: "WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING"...... is an excellent example of the Modern Hollywood Romantic Comedy. A linear, tight, three act script, + soundtrack, good direction, and even better acting. LOVE STORY Ad SUPERFICIAL COMMA PATIENT. Sandra Bullock at her interminably cute best in a xmas holiday case of mistaken identity. Best Line QT: "He's Leaning". Life Lesson: Save some time, Honesty is the best Policy........... Have Poster.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

363 Days of Romantic Films: Till Valentine's:... "SENSE AND SENSIBILITY"... brings novelist Jane Austen to the masses. 'LOVE STORY Ad VICTORIAN AGE ENGLAND' Emma Thompson stars. Wins Oscar for best screenplay adapation. Outstanding soundtrack, costumes, cinematography, like being there. Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars delivers one of the best romantic lines QT:" heart is and always will be.... yours. " Rom-drama with clever comedic moments. Own the poster & it's hanging on a prominent wa...

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

362 Days of Romantic Films: Till Valentine's:... "SHREK"... is the animation feature that put Dreamworks/PDI on the map and started a franchise. Modern Fairy-tale. 'LOVE STORY Ad GREEN OGRE' With scottish accent no less. Clever script marries new with old. Mike Myer & cast have a field day. Killer soundtrack! ...... QT:"She waited in the dragon's keep, in the highest room of the tallest tower, for her true love, and true love's first kiss. " Classic! Music is in the iPod & I own the post...

Shrek (2001)

358 Days of Romantic Films:Till Valentines: ...THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU...has Matt Damon falling in Love with Emily Blunt but mysterious men keep leaving him empty handed. LOVE STORY AD SENSCIENT BEINGS IN HATS ' who tweek the Dimensional River of Life to fit their adjusted time-line. Also have powers over doors Celebrities escaping paparazzi would like. Emily Blunt deserves a medal for braving the cold in that skimpy dress. QT: "All I have are the choices I make, and I choose her, come what m...

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310 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...UNTAMED sentimental and a film some Guy's (gal's) need to watch, U know who U are ... LOVE STORY AD BABOONS HEART How we relate 2 each other is examined thru Caroline's (marisa tomei) relationship trials. Christian Slater became Heartthrob of the year. Good Acting saves this film. 2/3 scenes are uncomfortable to watch. Minnesota in winter brrr. 2 songs have stayed w/me, 'getting ready & hockey game' QT: "You are my peace." May need hanky...

Untamed Heart (1993)

360 Days of Romantic Films: Till Valentine's: "THE VOW" was released for Valentine's. More marketing than Art. Stars hunk, Channing Tatum & rom-drama veteran Rachel McAdams. LOVE STORY AD AMNESIA PATIENT Formula Film with hardly much depth, but enough 4 sum to reach for hankies. Candy scene works, so does Gift Box. Leo character's a decent fella, but Tatum needs speech lessons, he's monotone at a throaty mutter. Could have been better. QT: I need to make my wife fall in love with me aga...

The Vow (2012) - IMDb

359 Days of Romantic Films: Till Valentine's:"AUSTRALIA" is a perfect vehicle to pair Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman LOVE STORY AD OUTBACK CATTLE DRIVE. Beautiful to look @, & yes ladies, Jackman takes off his shirt. Multiple plot lines tend 2 de-lineate this historical drama. Costumes & sets put you there. "Love can be found in the most dire circumstances, in the most isolated places, with the most unlikely of people." QT: Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be. Have small poster...

Australia (2008)

312 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...LETTERS TO JULIET... has lot's going for it. Maybe to much. Or director couldn't juggle everything. middle looses inertia built by 1st act. 'LOVE STORY Ad DEAR JOHN LETTER'. Didn't know about Juliet Capulet wall, Verona, Italy. Glimmer of hope to a yearning heart. Gorgeous scenery of Italy. Life lessons here. A film for the hope-ing romantic. Entertaining, but not enough stamps. QT: [drily] "I'm sorry, I didn't know love had an expiration date."

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320 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentines ...A WALK TO REMEMBER ...was panned by critics for being to sentimental, sweet, sincere, but loved by loyal legion of writer Nicholas Sparks. 'LOVE STORY Ad STRONG CONVICTION OF FAITH'. Rom-Drama that doesn't star a vulgar young comedian. It's High School minus raunchy hi-jinx. Sad civility is now an aquired taste, but good to know it's out there. QT: "Our love is like the wind.. I can't see it, but I sure can feel it.

A Walk to Remember (2002)

314 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...CITY OF ANGELS...L.A. highly stylized? It's Movie Magic. Rom-Drama deals lightly w/heavy themes: self sacrifice, contrast of human condition, joy of simplicity. 'LOVE STORY Ad HEAVENLY BODIES.' Not ethereal as original but Visually Wonderful. Acting is stellar and scenes are framed to suit. Meg Ryan does serious and succeeds. Hit soundtrack. QT: "I wait all day, just hoping for one more minute with you, and I don't even know you." Have poster/DV...

Pictures & Photos from City of Angels (1998)

315 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S...Audrey Hepburn portrays naive Manhattan socialite Holy GoLightly. "LOVE STORY Ad DEEP SECRETS" Considered her best performance. Often remembered for iconic little black dress and long cigarette holder. Slight tarnish for her character's "occupation" and Mickey Rooney's anachronistic "asian" stereotype. QT: "It's useful being top banana in the shock department." Even Poster is a Classic.

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

313 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...FIREPROOF... has a clever, if not unique, Rom-Drama plot device. LOVE STORY Ad LOVE DARE. What would you expect from Pastors writing & directing, actors/crew members of the church and no budget. Exactly .... Surprise, not a bad effort. Some Hollywood blockbusters have done less with more. Faith based viewers came out in force. Kirk Cameron stars. Wasn't best choice for lead, but he's a pro & price was right. Hey, it's Easter & I like the poster.

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322 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's: ..."THE PRINCESS BRIDE"... has an almost cult following. 'LOVE STORY Ad FAIRYTALE' to + violence & not enough romance for some. Quirky! Wonder what a new version would be like given big budget, todays CGI/Film Technology, Tim Burton directs & Johny Depp as Westley. Blasphemy! I imagine a darker LOTR feel/look. IMHO: not for kids 8-. Qt: "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."

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318 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...FAR AND long, some say to long. Rom-Adventure-Drama. LOVE STORY Ad 1800'S LAND GRAB. Tom Cruise -Nicole Kidman star in journey from Ireland in search of American dream. Neat Irish Brogue. ++ on cinematography & costume. Ron Howard directing. Film has potential, just needs to be 20 minutes shorter. QT: Now that's a long-legged piece of strawberry tart!

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317 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...SPEED...I know, I know, it's an action movie. can't deny the chemistry between Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock. 'LOVE STORY Ad HIJACKED CITY BUS' Bullock's career rocketed from behind the wheel. Instantly became America's Sweetheart. In the end they're in each others arms. QT: JACK:Miss, can you handle this bus? ANNIE: Oh sure. It's just like driving a really big Pinto. Have Poster and Blue-Ray.

Speed (1994) - IMDb

316 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:...SHALL WE the original Japanese release of Rom-Com that what you see isn't anywhere near what your going to end with. 'LOVE STORY Ad BALLROOM TANGO'. Open w/ lonely man thru train window, then join the ride. American version is nowhere near the character study nor carries the romantic tension of "Dansu". (subtitled) QT: "Dance is more than the steps. Feel the music and dance for sheer joy.".. If your heart is ever in doubt, watch this f...

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326 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:... "YES MAN" ... Jim Carrey not to hilariously crude or slapstic? Pleasantly, kinda. Oh, expect funny & yes, odd at times but has clever fun dialogue & character interaction. 'LOVE STORY Ad SELF HELP GURU' Zooey Deschanel sings in a performance better than her TV series. Fun Movie & manages to deliver a wonderful 'cup half-full' message. Qt:" What I have to share is huge... and I want to share it with you".

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324 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:..."SWEET HOME ALABAMA".... Andy Tenant directs 1 of his many Rom-Com Films. Gives Social Class differences a funny face. 'LOVE STORY Ad SOUTHERN COMFORT' Chimes in a level below Hitch, but manages to hit all the right notes. Good Acting saves the south, starting w/ Reese Witherspoon to a cameo by Patrick Dempsey. Rings up Lynrd Skynyrd song at least 3X's. QT: "You can't ride two horses with one ass, sugarbean."

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

323 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:..."HERCULES"... Herc has father issues, but Megara comes thru as sultry vixen gone good in this animated Disney feature. 'LOVE STORY Ad GREEK GODS'. A Pre-Pixar Romantic- Adventure. "Hades:It's a small underworld, after all, huh?" Formula, but still entertaining. Danny Devito & James fill in the spaces. Would you expect anything else from 'the mouse'? Have DVD & Snow Globe. QT:..."Meg: I'm a big tough girl. I tie my own sandals and everything."

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319 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:…MOONSTRUCK… not just smart and sophisticated. A Rom-Com that's really funny without being slapstick. Slice of Life where brilliantly written dialogue gives characters life. "LOVE STORY Ad ITALIAN FAMILY IN BROOKLYN" Cher won the Oscar, Nicholas Cage should have. Dueling affairs ad spice. See it. Have Poster QT:"I can't sleep any more. It's too much like death."

Moonstruck (1987)

321 Days-Romantic Films:Till Valentine's:..."SAY ANYTHING"... The boombox scene. May be one of the most romantic moves in popular film. What Song was playing? 'LOVE STORY Ad MEDDLING FATHER' Other side of the tracks Rom- Drama launched John Cusack as leading man. Are those Parachute Pants? Cameron Crow writes and directs, this guy is good. QT: "She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen."..... Have DVD, somewhere .....

Say Anything... (1989)

Lady Arwen from Lord of the Rings.

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The best ever...

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