Playful beverage pack

Creative milk packaging: Bottle Design by Woorim Choi. It's Milk! How cool to have milk in these.

Excellent shopping bags.

This is a very clever packaging design, with the wires of various pieces of electronics turning into the handles of the bag. The bright yellow color of this unique design makes it very eye-catching.

Lights packaging

Christmas lights packaging Fairy lights wrapped around card shaped like Christmas tree

Take out

This package for coffee cup is a great as it has multi use where there are stands for milk. This solves the problem of carrying milk with the coffee

paint box

To be honest, I love how cute this is and how it resembles a milk box/container. I can't tell but I originally thought this was for paint which would be a very great design to easily pour paints and shows the paint color

Package / Quarter Bag

Quarter Bag

How to use the sustainable cup carrier 'Quarter Bag' from TOBL-DESIGN on Vimeo . Quarter bag (Patent pending) is a cup carrier for b.

Ecologic drink packaging  - Green/Recycling packaging -

Ecologic drink packaging - Green/Recycling packaging - no logic supports packaging that is not ecological, other than greed.