easy apple heart sandwiches

easy apple heart sandwiches - love this more for the idea for heart apple slices than the sandwich itself.

Burger Bar

A MINI BURGER BAR! This is a FABULOUS idea! So great for a kids b-day party! I might have to try this for April's next party and with the Float Bar again hmmm. Can't go wrong with mini burgers at a 3 year holds party.

Tea Sandwiches w Pansies

Mariage : le dîner

cucumber sandwiches

a new take on cucumber sandwich ~ Health & Fitness Advice: 13 Healthy Tips for eating to loose weight

Picnics and boxed lunches

A beautiful way to brighten a new mum's life: a gift basket filled with goodies.That way she can eat and drink in bed, ripping off pieces of bread and chunks of cheese, much to her delight, I'm sure!