Find the Beauty in Simplicity

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." - Confucius
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Cozy Bedroom Wool blankets Beautiful with gray and neutral colors and a in front of the Love it!

Chunky crochet basket-I love making these. Make whatever shape and size you want, find something to fit inside snugly and cover that thing with plastic wrap and then spray the crocheted basket with liquid starch and let dry.

every time i see someone wearing pink & grey, i think.i must wear more pink & grey.

Every festive table needs a centerpiece, and a wedding table is no exception. If you are planning a winter wedding, what centerpiece would you choose?

I can imagine this meringue filled to the brim with bright, red cherries cherry pavlOva

Dandelion off center photo, capturing the beauty of a weed closeup. I really enjoy how the dandelion takes over the photo.

Bright White Building Design Looking so Modern and Awesome: Sleek Pillows Under Pendant Lamp Facing Coffe Table At The Mykonos Kanalia Hill House That Piant Wall Add Creative The Room ~ HKSTANDARD Architecture Inspiration

Love the smell of lily of the valley. Was one of my grandma's flowers in the front flower bed. She would bring in a bunch put them in a jar on the kitchen table and it would be so fragrant.