Red Shoe Movement

Red Shoe Movement
The only women empowerment platform born from a movement and sustained by a movement. Connect with the movement!! #RedShoeMov
Red Shoe Movement
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Love this one:   share with your friends;

Love this one: share with your friends;


Coffeeology: Espresso yourself . Better latte Than Never . Take life one cup at a time . So many blends, so little time. Friends don't let friends drink bad coffee . Take time to smell the coffee . Deja Brew: the feeling you've had this coffee before.

Oh the lovely things: Heartsy + RosellaResin

Let’s Do Something Amazing. Happy New Year! I am so thrilled to see what 2011 will bring, not just to me, but to all of you as well. I have some big plans, and I bet you do too. I won’t go in to the deets of my new year’s resolutions and 2011 goals (at …