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    Gardening & Garden Crafts

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    Upcycled Garden Crafts - a great way to get planting thing spring. Turn old to new and grow.

    How to Make Welly Plant Pots - these are a super fun way to get gardening with kids and recycle!

    Flowers are a popular birthday gift, personalise it with the recipient’s birth month flower. Take a look at February's birth flowers, violets & primroses.

    These simple citrus bird feeders are simple and fun to make!

    Garden jobs and Gardening Fun with Kids in February

    Spring is round the corner and it’s time to get on with some Spring planning in the garden. Here are some quick and profitable garden jobs to tackle now.

    Make sure you choose the right shed for your garden and storage needs, with these tips on what to consider before you buy.

    How to build a snap pea trellis fort for kids this summer! So fun!

    Plan for your Summer garden by sowing seeds and introducing hardy plants in late Winter. Here are my top picks on what to plant now for your Summer garden.

    Tips and ideas on how to incorporate hard landscaping into your garden design for maximum impact and practicality.

    Easy bird feeder crafts for kids. Hang these in the garden for the local birds.

    You don't have to wait for Spring to grow new plants, some are perfectly happy to get going in January. Here are my top picks for what to plant in January.

    Nature craft is a perfect way to get kids outdoor in Winter. Lots of ideas here for Winter nature crafts which are simple, fun and give great results.

    Low-effort tips and ideas for enhancing your Winter garden to provide maximum interest during the colder months.

    Gardening tips for protecting your tender plants during the Winter months.

    Flowers are a popular birthday gift and choosing the recipient’s birth month flower makes it more personal. Take a look at January's birth flowers, carnations & snowdrops.

    Enjoy fruit and vegetables at their best and save money by eating seasonally. Here's what's in season in January.

    SO EASY! This will definitely get my family eating more vegetables and living a healthy lifestyle.

    Wildlife gardening jobs for Winter with the 10 minute gardener: ideas for quick gardening tasks that will really give local species a helping hand.

    10 minutes to spare for gardening this week? Top garden and allotment jobs to tackle in midwinter.

    Flowers are a popular birthday gift, personalise it with the recipient’s birth month flower. Take a look at the December birth flowers, narcissus and holly.

    Sprout Buddies - Using recycled Milk Jugs & lids!! A great way to teach kids how seeds grow with fast and easy results. NO SOIL required :).

    10 minutes to spare for gardening? You need the 10 minute gardener: top garden and allotment jobs to tackle when time is tight.

    Glowing Fairy Garden Garland! Such a FUN and easy project for your fairy garden!

    Miniature Fairy Tea Set!