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Everything You Wanted to Know About Dyeing but Were Afraid to Ask!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dyeing, But Were Afraid to Ask | The Good Life Blog

This refashion looks like it stepped right out of Anthropologie, amirite? :)

Your Move (Anthropologie) Maxi
  • lisa Ⓥ marie
    lisa Ⓥ marie

    Very well done, lady!

Huzzah!  It's SPRING!  Now ends the winter of my discontent!  This winter ended on a lousy note, so I'm happy to say goodbye to the blah, and hello to lots of good & positive things that have c...

  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett

    Love the waist band on this, well, in the second picture of course! Love it!

While digging through my closet trying to find something to wear for work, I realized something…I have very few tops and almost only dresses.  This makes days when I feel like wearing jeans a bit t...

A Perfect Peplum Sweater
  • Maureen Krinsky
    Maureen Krinsky

    as usual very nice after...

Oyster Roast Jacket

Oyster Roast Jacket
  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett

    Cute, cute, cute!

  • Illy Mooncat
    Illy Mooncat


  • Tina Mancino
    Tina Mancino

    Adorable jacket

  • Tanya Dough
    Tanya Dough

    I love it!!!!

  • Sue Doby
    Sue Doby

    You are so smart and creative. Wish I had your imagination

One Dress, Three Ways! Which is your Favorite???? :)

One Dress, Three Ways III! Which is Your Fave?
  • Ava Dumler
    Ava Dumler


  • Hannah Ekberg
    Hannah Ekberg

    I like 3 and 2 :)... 1 is too plain

  • Sue Doby
    Sue Doby

    2 and 3

  • Em Bass
    Em Bass

    I like number 2!

  • AEM


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I'm baaaaack in 2015! :D

Happy 2015 from ReFashionista!
  • Maureen Krinsky
    Maureen Krinsky

    so cute!

  • Shamarie

    Yay!! ❤️

From 6 Tacky Christmas Sweaters to 1 truly epic Tacky Christmas Sweater Gown! :)

One Tacky Christmas Sweater Dress to Rule Them All!!!!!!!!!

Add an elastic waist to that frumpy frock! :D

Don't be Spastic! Add Some Elastic!

What a difference a lil no-sew refashion makes!

Green Poppy Dress
  • Sandie Larsen
    Sandie Larsen

    really?! No Sew!!??? Gotta theck this out! What a wonderfull vintage pattern in this fabric. What a jewel you found there... :)

  • Sandie Larsen
    Sandie Larsen

    Brilliant! The zipper was in the back!!!! What a great tip!

  • Lucy Arquette
    Lucy Arquette

    that dress is beautiful

A Teal Brunch Dress!

A Teal Brunch Dress
  • AngelMari

    You amaze me every time I see you with a refash. I'd look like a dork in that, but you rock that look!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett

    Cute refash!

A quick & easy No-Sew Tunic: Take advantage of the details!

Take Advantage of the Details Tunic
  • Lucy Arquette
    Lucy Arquette

    Cute Sweater Dress

From BeDazzled Monstrosity to Becoming Modness! :)

A Winesome Winsome Saturday Dress
  • Lorraine Williams
    Lorraine Williams

    Love, love, lurve this! 😊

  • Tu2Rific

    Great Idea

  • Tu2Rific

    Great Idea

Gotta Love a Comfy & Cozy Lil Black Dress!

Rockwell Dress - ReFashionista

I don't really care much for this one, but what do YOU think?

An "It'll do for work." Dress - ReFashionista
  • Marianne Skredderstuen
    Marianne Skredderstuen

    Hard to make something sensible of a pattern like that. I think you did great!

  • Illy Mooncat
    Illy Mooncat

    I think it's super cute. You are awesome!

  • Suzanne Kirk
    Suzanne Kirk

    Nothing wrong with refashioning a refashion. That's being extra frugal, right??!

  • Heidi Nead
    Heidi Nead

    maybe as a high-low skirt?

  • Megan Pieterick
    Megan Pieterick

    Eesh that pattern is horrendous. The new cut is definitely an improvement though.

From Dress to Cowl-Backed Top! :)

A Cowl Back Conversion - ReFashionista

A ReFashion in Hawaii? Sure! Why not!

Aloha, No-Sewha! - ReFashionista

Let's play with Dip Dyeing, shall we?

When I Dip You Dip We Dip (Dye)! - ReFashionista

I ♥ this free class from Craftsy! Scared of zippers? After taking this FREE online class, you won't be anymore!

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A Distracted/Asymmetrical LBD!

An Asymmetrical/Distracted Dress - ReFashionista

Grecian Statuette Dress

Grecian Statuette Dress - ReFashionista
  • Kathy Bennett
    Kathy Bennett

    Lurv this!

The Dress that Almost Wasn't

The Dress that Almost Wasn't - ReFashionista

An Off-the-Cuff Off-the-Shoulder No-Sew ReFash!

An Off-the-Cuff Off-the-Shoulder No-Sew ReFash! - ReFashionista

What would Julia do?

What Would Julia Do? Dress - ReFashionista