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You could learn a thing or two about small apartment decorating from this gorgeous Brooklyn home tour

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Thank goodness we found these delicate tattoo ideas before making a decision!

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My plans for the weekend look something like this (photo by Julie Bogen, taken on an iPhone 5s)

The perfect NYC sunset

We don't blame you if you're more than a little interested in the personal lives of celebrities. For better or worse, they're just more fascinating than our everyday dealings. Lucky for all of us, this book os full of shocking pics, and we got our hands on a sneak peek of some of the most outrageous. Read on for all the juicy details and more than a little eye candy

Canoeing on the Bantam River in White Memorial Conservation Center. Litchfield, Connecticut. Photo by Julie Bogen, iPhone 5s.

Fashion folks are known for being a rebellious bunch. So, it's no surprise that they express themselves through some seriously creative ink. Even if you're not getting yourself tatted-up anytime soon, you can live vicariously through fashion's most influential ink-lovers. From delicate doodles to elaborate facial designs, these designers, models, and bloggers have the rebellious art down pat. Click ahead for our favorite insider tats, and prepare to be inspired with stunning tattoo ideas

pink desert

NYC apartment photos we can't stop staring at

I am traveling the picturesque Quebec countryside with Société Orignal, a company that develops food products in collaboration with 50 families across the province to source the best of its terroir for top chefs across Canada and New York City. My mission today is to get down and dirty with pro forager Gérald Le Gal from Gourmet Sauvage to learn more about wild edibles.

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