I want.

how awesome is this? Swimming pool designed to look like a pond plus an awesome tree house and rope swing!


This couldn't be more true. Being and aunt has literally changed my live, it is the best thing that has ever happened i. My life. 6 nephews and a 1 little precious niece, I couldn't love any of them more. Jesus has been too good to me and my family!


Color Inspiration: Going Green

Oh how I wish vintage stoves had windows in their oven doors.then this would be my dream stove/oven. Not in green of course, still not sure what color will look good with the yellow paint I have selected for the kitchen, but I'd probably get m

( :   Thats what I'm talking about

Creative Wedding Signs to Bring Personality to Your Big Day

"We're all a little weird. And life's a little weird. Anf when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours we fall into mutual weirdness, and we call it love. Freaking Seuss Haha funny signs for their great sense of humor idea

Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk! Hahaha, I think milk causes more problems lol


so true. (And isn't Hunting just camping while shooting things? Meet me at the hotel when you are done with "your camping", shower, then come camp with me in a nice soft warm bed ❤️™)


You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better then your dreams- Dr.


Like this graphic in a green shade, maybe Fresh Meadow (via Pattern / organic lines collection

Me, all the time.

just go with the gut- over thinking + past baggage = mind explosion. know truth - live love


Winnie the Pooh I actually want this as a tattoo on my shoulder it is freaking adorable my tattoos all center around Disney or nature or both sister tattoo

This is Mary. See Mary peddle. Mary also likes to read.

One of the 40 illustration for 24 unique pairs of Nike Dunks from original paper painting by Geoff Mcfetridge - Champion Studio

Side door, Saint Germain Church in Vitry-sur-Seine, Ìle de France - France

Saint Germain Church in Vitry-sur-Seine (Paris). Side door of the Church. (Photo by Christian Guémy)