Turtle shell bag

it form fits to you and the stuff inside it. I want a green one so I can pretend I'm a Ninja Turtle

Nintendo Controller Backpack

NES fans, get ready for the ultimate backpack! Walk around in style with this retro NES controller backpack hanging from your shoulders. Perfect for those who have always been a big fan of the console!

Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack

How great is this Lego backpack? Backpack of the Year, Uanyi Pixel Art Backpack…

Classic 80's #Boombox #Bag #gadget

With this messenger-style Boombox Bag you will be able to fit in all the Pac-Man, Ray Bans, Members Only jackets, jelly bracelets, and nostalgia you want.

BOOK PURSES: Harry Potter

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Book Purse - Harry Potter Book Cover Handbag - Deathly Hallows Book Clutch

Así sonaras siempre...

Bells on a backpack - How to make everyone at school hate you. >< I suddenly want to fill my bag full of bells for one day, just to annoy the crap out of everyone

Gym bag

Marvel Gym Bag

Some gym goers are geeks too-this Marvel Gym bag is perfect to show your true passion for Marvel Comics. Patterns vary, so no 2 are alike

Gmail Styled Shoulder Bag

Gmail Styled Shoulder Bag

ThinkGeek :: DIY Mail Purse I must learn how to do this- I wonder if they have this at all.