Reghan Buie
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Purple draping,easy to do with the drop ceilings! Could hang the clear globes/paper lanterns/etc in between or in other parts of the room.

Black Arabian Silhouette Kit

Set the scene for the most amazing Arabian Prom theme ever! This castle silhouette is made of cardboard, but looks authentic.

plastic tablecloth ceiling decoration | With this method you won’t damage the tiles, or have to struggle to ...

Ingenious method to swag the ceiing with color! We could do it down each row that doesn't have lights, vary the colors fiesta style! It would also give us something easy to hang the flowers from.

Paper cutout wall banner for over my bed!

DIY Elephant hanging cutouts- or any silhouette can work. Find a stencil online and trace it onto different colored scrapbook paper. Then tape, glue, or staple onto a string. I love the elephant idea :)

Arabian Magic Palace Silhouette Kit

Set up a sparkling skyline for your Arabian Prom night with this Arabian Magic Palace Silhouette Kit.