Abandoned hospital

Beelitz-Heilstätten Sanatorium, WWI German Imperial Army hospital- Hitler recuperated here. Part of the building is still open as a neurological rehabilitation center.

Amazing window.

Just above the sink I want a large round window.LARGE---HUGE---Giiiii-GAN-TIC round window above the sink. From top of the sink to top of the ceiling "large".

Abandoned lighthouse at Fish Fluke Point, Canada

The Grand Harbor Lighthouse, Fish Fluke Point, Ross Island, Canada. It was built in a square wooden tower tall with the Keeper’s dwelling attached. It must have been beautiful in it's day.

really old

Creepy, old farm house. No doubt full of ghosties and spiders and all manner of frightening things.


A window that has its own orange tree.or an orange tree with its own window ~ Provence

Served As A Church & Old School House Both... In It's Time

Architecture - Abandoned Places - Served As A Church & Old School House Both.

.I believe this is an abandoned farm in Iceland.

One of my favorite pastimes when travelling around Iceland is visiting abandoned farms. There are abandoned farms in every inhabited region of Iceland, although the more remote places such as the.