Artist Gay Kraeger's tips for making trees with a "tree machine" (Sponge) from Strathmore's 2014 Online Workshops. See this free video lesson

what brush?

Своими руками

What paint-brush-stroke to use? Illustration with flowers, painting petals with these pictures. Clicking link takes you to someone's board with cool stuff, although in another language, neat ideas you

Think you know all there is to know about mixing paint? We bet you'll learn something new from Jessie Oleson Moore.

How to Mix Acrylic Paint: 11 Tips & Tricks

Laurence Amelie - beautiful colours

The Daughter to two Abstract artists, Does her own thing with these soft Impressionism florals.


A Gifter Paintbrush? What if a paintbrush were to take credit for the work of the artist? Or a student to take credit for the work of the teacher? What if we are doing those exact things in our lives and don't realize it?

Happy Place Wall Decor

Accent your beach house or beach themed decor with this jumbo marker to your happy place. Casual block lettering spells out "This is my Happy Place". Wood box sign design with plank board print, a dis

Faux Cement Paint Technique and Recipe

Faux Cement Paint Technique and Recipe

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Landscape Focused: landscape, garden design ideas — Paintings by Laurence Amélie.