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come with me to the sea of love

Can't wait for christmas and the holidays for this :") Linzer cookies. If I ever open up a cafe, you bet these little cookies wil go on every mug of coffee and tea!

Donkey Mug by Evelyn Henson

Donkey Mug

Not a morning person? Let your mug do the talking. Featuring an illustration by artist Evelyn Henson, this mug was designed for those who wake up on the sassy side. This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

A 'mug wall' where regulars hang their own mug which they collect & bring to counter in order to have a tea or coffee in a mug they really know & love. Love this.

Would love this for ppl to come and hang their mugs. And for a photo background!

Stenciled wood beams by Mia Pratt and Sue Kinsman   Now we're talking.

Mia Pratt of Old Pratt Studios states that Royal Design Studio and Modello stencils greatly contribute to her increased profits and expanded market share.

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