combining style and function for grab-and-go spontaneity, evrgrn gear goes from a city loft to your favorite park. inspired by Pinterest, we designed a San Francisco loft decked-out with evrgrn gear. Style tips and co-pinning in partnership with Justina Blakeney #sponsored
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Bring nature indoors even if you have a brown thumb. #sponsored

9-ways to bring nature indoors for brown thumbs

A former plant killer offers 9 ways to bring nature indoors for brown thumbs. This is a great guide to indoor gardening if you don't know where to start or which plants will thrive in your apartment!

We all have ladders lying around so why didn't I think of this sooner? *commissioned

Turn a Ladder into a Colorful Plant Stand or Bookshelf - 12 DIY Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas. I like the ladder shelf, PVC pipe vases & birdhouse lamp.

Turn your backyard into a place to relax, hang out, or even party! *commissioned

The Great Indoors

I’m all about bringing the outdoors in, (hello JUNGALOW!) so when REI asked if I wanted to spend a night ‘camping’ indoors in their evrgrn loft in SanFran I was

Got an old aquarium? Now make a beeline to your local nursery. #sponsored

The Great Indoors

This amazing vintage aquarium-like structure filled with cacti was found in the pages of The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney.Two Green Thumbs Up for Small Space Indoor Gardens

Okay, let's just cover all of our buildings in plants! #sponsored

Brutalist icon's secret garden exposed...

Forgotten Spaces: the Barbican Conservatory in London. I remember when it was first built and to most eyes was simply a concrete monstrosity. Luckily nature has other ideas.

Line old drawers with plastic, fill it up halfway with rocks and then cactus soil. Plant some drought-tolerant plants in your drawers and watch your cubby garden grow! *commissioned

The Great Indoors

The winner of last week's giveaway, "The New Bohemian" is Chrissy Mcintyre. Chrissy please email us your address and we'll get a copy out.

Living wall + layered kilim rugs + chandelier + tent in the living room = my idea of glamping. #sponsored

Indoor garden - tent in the living room! Low pillows, rugs and a wall full of a vertical garden!

The evrgrn wearable bag combines the warmth of a legit sleeping bag with indulgent comfort of the biggest puffy jacket you could own. Bonus: it's ready for your best dance moves. Check out all three colors and sizes at REI.com

This wearable bag combines the warmth of a legit sleeping bag with indulgent comfort of the biggest puffy jacket you could own.

Living in low light but love plants? Try tropical plants like Dracaenas, Spider plants and Sansevaria to bring in the green! *commissioned

Living in low light but love plants? Try tropical plants like Dracaenas, Spider plants and Sansevaria to bring in the green!

Wanna hang? If you want a place to stretch out on your small balcony or patio (or dorm room!) instead of an outdoor sofa try a lightweight, portable hammock. #sponsored

If you want a place to stretch out on your small balcony or patio (or dorm room!) instead of an outdoor sofa try a lightweight, portable hammock.