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    Hand Chakras.

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    7 Herbal Chakra Healing Teas by Earth Energy Healings

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    Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an empowering mobile app for overcoming anxiety. For iOS: For Android:

    Chakra Aromatherapy | Aura Cacia Aromatherapy

    foods to balance chakras

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    Chakras above Sahasrara

    Sahaja Meditation

    Food for balancing and healing your chakras:

    Food for Chakra Healing

    Chakra of the Hands

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    Seed mantras for each of the Chakras...

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    Basic description and instructions for Chakra Meditation, used to open, clear, align and balance energy centers and bring about healing, health and wellness Infographic: Chakra Meditation


    Mantra Meditation

    Ah the Chakras. The "gateway drug" of the energy body. Mysterious and wonderful and brilliant.

    Balance your Chakras with these foods & exercises

    Chakras.. balancedwomensblo...

    Kundalini Surge: Chakras

    Chakra affirmations

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    Chakra Meditation

    Yoga Inspiration

    The Chakras are the ✨ Gateways of Consciousness ✨ They are connected to our thinking and feeling through our breath, our body, our voice and through movement. When we're not aware of our chakras, they operate on a subconscious level. If a person merely conceptualizes the material world -the chakras lay dormant. When we start to question who we are, what our purpose is and begin to develop our divine nature, the chakras become active and our spiritual mind will start to develop --Carl Jung

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    Each chakra vibrates as a different frequency and learning to influence the chakra frequencies brings them into balance and clear energy blockages. Everything about you is ‘alive’ with a vibrational frequency. Every thought, every emotion, every cell, every organ… everything that makes up ‘you’ is basically different vibrations clustered together. The chakras are the energy centers through which energy moves. When the chakras are open, everything is in balance and harmony.

    Understanding Chakra Frequencies

    Chakras & mudras.

    The Ladder of Hestia

    chakra frequency chart

    432Hz, Coming Back to Nature

    Mantras and Sacred Geometry

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    The 7 Chakras

    The Chakra Goddess

    Chakra ladder

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    What can we do to ensure that our chakras remain open and proper functioning? There are many methods, and these can range from crystal therapy, light therapy and performing affirmations, to massages, yoga and many things. Meditation is a guaranteed therapy to bring about a smooth functioning of all chakras. It is an effective way to relax, it is good for the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and well-being, or it could be used as part of religious practices and faith.

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    Energy going in or out of the chakras affects the muscles, the nervous system and the glands. In short, it affects the entire system, and so a blocked chakra can create problems in all surrounding areas. With open and flowing chakras, a person will feel vibrant and radiant, ready to love life fully. But with partially or completely blocked chakras, a person does not have full access to his or her energy, which leads to confusion, depression, an off-centered feeling, or just general miasma.

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    The seven basic asanas (postures) associated with seven chakras according to Dr. Vigh

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