multi tier cupcake pan

Mini Wedding Cake Pan - Cute idea for bridal shower Chicago Metallic Multi Tier Cake Pan 4 Cavity, by by

Baguette Cutting Board

6 Items to Simplify Your Life

Baguette Cutting Board When slicing crispy baguettes, use this unique cutting board to keep the mess to a minimum and the slices perfectly even. Bonus: The natural wood board doubles as a beautiful serving tray. Thanks Real Simple!

puzzle shaped cookie cutter

Jigsaw Cookie Cutter At last a reason for children to play with their food! Kids will love to help make these biscuits with our metal jigsaw cookie cutter. Jumble them all up and hey presto a jigsaw you can eat. Fantastic fun at a kid’s party, and we all

reuse of coffee creamer containers

Road trip snack holders from coffee creamer bottles. Why didn't I think of that? How about dog food?

solar iphone charger

The XD Window Charger Nature + Technology solar window charger by XD Design. The charger clings to your window and harnesses the power of the sun to charge your mobile devices, simple as that.


FingerPrint A Handy Bookmark - Assorted Colors by Fred

Log Bowls

Log Bowls - Loyal Loot Collective makes these amazing bowls carved out of rough logs (bark still intact) and hollows out the top in a bowl form that is lacquered with wild, glossy color.

Wine Breather Carafe

Wine Breather Carafe (possible father's day present)

martyr light

The Martyr Lamp is a clever design by UK design studio The Play Coalition.


cupcakes ferris wheel cupcake holder so cute for parties

Brooklyn Fare packaging [I like the poke at Starbucks with the small and medium coffee cups]

Gumball Machine Lamp-it even works!

Gumball Machine Lamp-it even works!

Liquipel your iPhone, 100% waterproof

Digital gadget waterproof-- by Liquipel.

FLO – Creating A Gentle Waterfall In Your Bathroom

FLO - Creating A Gentle Waterfall In Your Bathroom. This unique product diverts the flow of water, creating a gentle waterfall, while providing a protective faucet cover to help guard against injury. Flō also functions as a bubble bath dispenser.