Reinan Cotrim

Reinan Cotrim

Reinan Cotrim
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Dont always love his PR but YEEZY makes some dope ass clothes/shoes

Grid by: @thepacman82 ______________ @thenortherngent for more grids. #SHARPGRIDS to be featured. for fashion updates. ______________ by sharpgrids

sunglasses: clover granite frame, handmade in japan sweatshirt: socks: shoes: 1400 for denim: double RL

fossilinni_'s photo on Instagram

Outfit grid - Neat on the street

jaybeezishangintough (jaybeez aka gummiball) on Instagram

Nice essentials via jaybeez aka gummiball

Instagram Photo Feed on the Web - Gramfeed | fresh_donniebrasco

Outfit grid - DKNY about town

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Outfit grid - Relaxed look

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Black and White Nike Combo

Roupas para o verão

or: by for on-feet photos for outfit lay down photos

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New flannel outfit for fall?

Roupas para o inverno

I have this exact outfit catch me in a few weeks