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Mind Games

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Mind Games

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DaVinci's Cross Puzzle (Ages 7+)

Part of the "Great Minds Mini Metal Logic Puzzle" Also available: Plato's Genius, Aristotle's Philosophy

Gear Shift This puzzle is deceptively difficult as while the simple rotation of the eight meshing gears simply serves as a mesmerizing display. The moment one discovers that the core can be pulled apart the difficulty skyrockets, what was once an inevitability now truly becomes a challenge of logic (Ages 7 and up- 1 player)

About Equal7 Object: Arrange the dice to get the same total on all sides.(Ages 7 and up- 1 player)

State Smarts™ is a U.S. geography card game that is both educational and fun for children yet is also entertaining and challenging enough for adults. In addition to state specific facts, kids will also learn unique characteristics about each region of the country. The game also teaches state and landmark location as well as state abbreviations. State Smarts™ is more than just a game of learning, it’s also a competitive game of strategy that the whole family can enjoy. Experienced players ...

About State Smarts™ - State Smarts

Galileo's Globe (Recent Toys) It is inspired by the Italian sixteenth century Astronomer, Galileo, who claimed that the Earth was not at the centre of the universe- a highly controversial theory at the time which lead to him spending the rest of his life under house arrest. Now, however, his claims are widely accepted as fact. This puzzle pays tribute to his genius

Our Best Seller- "Newtons Gravity Defying Puzzle " (Recent Toys) This two piece wooden puzzle is small enough to carry in your pocket and only takes about 60 seconds to enjoy. Place the 'bullet' inside the 'cup' - then place the cup on a flat surface. The aim is to remove the bullet without touching or moving the cup, a feat which is definitely not as easy as it seems.