Psych line from "Black and Tan. My name is Black. His name is Tan. I can't believe you just made that assumption; you should be ashamed of yourself. and your family.

Once, in Monopoly. Gus.

Funny pictures about Jail's Not Fun. Oh, and cool pics about Jail's Not Fun. Also, Jail's Not Fun photos.

That crafty little diddlepumpkin!

"That crafty little diddlepumpkin! Psych Season Five Episode We'd Like To Thank The Academy - I am so going to use this!


He has the understanding, but hates rules, plus he has to do his "psych" thing before any of the cops get there.well, that is when they snoop the place before the cops have arrived on scene.

We're Karma Chameleons - We Come and Go

You guys believe in Karma, don't you? Yes, we do. But only because we're karma chameleons. We come and go. Nyna, Shawn and Gus. They're so awesome!

Psych-- they are too funny.

How insecure do yo think I am? Seriously, how insecure do you think I am? I need you to tell me. Will you please tell me? Shawn and Gus Favorite line

maggie & james & their dogs :)

Oh, the best day of my life will be when I spend a fantastic day with James Roday, Maggie Lawson, & DOGS!


im gonna start watching this finally ended this year!

They're so cute! Like seriously "I think you're swell" "I'm Very fond of you" "Home should be wherever you are and the fleet of pugs we adopt" It's just Shules!