Relish Guest: For the Love of the South

Blogger Amber Wilson pins on the extraordinary loveliness of the American South. Specifically its fabled cuisine. For more on Amber, visit her equally lovely blog at
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Crawfish Étouffée... That Looks So Good! | saveur


Crawfish Étouffée | SAVEUR

Sweet Potato Biscuits with Caramelized Shallot & Sage Butter | honey & jam

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Loving this rustic space

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Canned with love...

Savršeni recepti za ajvar

Peach Bourbon Pie with Bacon Brown Sugar Crumble |

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Vintage Pie Tins are like prized possessions... | William Meppem for Donna Hay Magazine

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Beautiful looking muscadines on honey & jam

honey & jam | recipes + photos

Tomato cobbler with thyme biscuits on top... delicious | honey & jam

recipes + photos: Tomato Cobbler

White Peach, Rose, and Basil Hand Pies... oh, my! | Local Milk

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I fell in love with charred tomatillos and jalapeños while living in Texas. They add great flavor to so many dishes! | Garden & Gun

Photos: Hot Sauce | Garden and Gun

This berry pie looks divine... | Tartlette

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This chicken and waffle dish looks wonderful! I love the combination of sweet and salty on a plate.

The AMAZINGNESS that was had this morning

Peach and Creme Fraiche Pie... Seriously delectable | Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart
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Blackberries are the best snack on a hot summer's day | Always with Butter

Always With Butter: blackberry goat cheese tart

homemade pickles= love | Honey & Jam

homemade pickles

This plum & fig meringue pie is absolutely stunning | Manger

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Pork belly on a stick... Yes, please! | drip maple syrup by graphis


Look at these ruby jewels | Reclaiming Provincial

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This moody roasted bird makes me long for a comfy sweater, a rainy day and a gargantuan fork, please! | Cup of Jo

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The smell of hot oil and pancake batter in the air on Saturday mornings is comforting. | La Receta de la Felicidad

Tortitas americanas

The lighting is perfect in this photo and the country feel of the jar is charming...

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Summer beauties... | In the Little Red House

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Deviled eggs, one of my all time favorite appetizer. I love adding bacon or rounds of pickled okra on top! | Saveur


Carolynn Spence, Deviled Eggs | SAVEUR

I love the idea of displaying dry pantry ingredients just like this! So rustic... | Cook Me Tender

Cook me tender: Desayuno energético

Bourbon Pecan Pie is rustic, sweet, crunchy and lovely | Garden & Gun

Southern Thanksgiving Favorites